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October 14, 2008 13:47 ET

AC Tool Supply Now Carries Fluke Infrared IR (FLIR) Thermal Imagers / Imaging Cameras

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - October 14, 2008) - As of September 31st, 2008, AC Tool Supply carries the full line of Fluke's infrared Thermal Imagers. The full line includes 14 different models. When you add in all the options, it's over 190 different choices to accommodate all your IR thermal imaging needs.

The models start with the Fluke Ti10, made for troubleshooting electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, & HVAC/R equipment. Like in every Fluke Ti model, the Ti10 uses IR-Fusion® Technology. This allows the user to see the images "fused" in both infrared and visible light. Essentially, the imager snaps a digital photo in addition to the infrared image; it then layers and fuses them together, taking the mystery out of IR troubleshooting & image analysis.

The Fluke Ti25, the upgrade to the Ti10, gives the user the ability to record and save up to 60 seconds of voice comments with every image taken, as well as automatic on-screen emissivity correction. The Ti25 also offers 2 additional image presentation palettes and 3 different IR Fusion® modes: Full infrared with MAX, MID, or MIN automatic blending; and picture-in-picture with MAX, MID, or MIN automatic blending (Visual and IR blending).

The highest level of these thermal imagers are known as FlexCam® camera imagers, due to their 180° articulating lens which makes it possible to view and capture images in areas with poor accessibility. Fluke also includes what they call a SmartFocus™ wheel, which simplifies getting a stable and sharp image with no need to take your hand off the instrument to turn a focus ring. These models also feature AutoCapture™ programming. This allows the user to fully program the unit to automatically capture only those images where a temperature limit is exceeded. This way, difficult to find intermittent problems can be captured and analyzed quicker by concentrating only on the images containing the anomalies.

The software is where these FlexCam® models really excel. The SmartView™ software (supplied with the unit) includes a complete range of infrared image viewing, analysis, annotation and reporting tools. It even allows for customized reports to accommodate specific company work processes or requirements like multiple image reporting and comparisons. With the storage of calibrated temperature data it's possible to perform detailed analysis and change key parameters like emissivity or temperature range either in the field on the camera or in the office using the PC software.

AC Tool Supply is proud to offer the Grand-Daddy of these FlexCam® models, the Fluke Ti55FT. There is no thermal imager with more to offer. This, and other FlexCam® models, offer interchangeable wide-angle, telephoto & articulating lens options that range from 10mm to 54mm, as well as high temperature (HT) models for readings up to a scorching 1200°C (2192°F). For the best images and highest sensitivity, the Ti55FT offers 320 x 240 detectors with a super high-res thermal sensitivity (less than or equal to 0.05°C; 50 mK NETD). That means the jumbo 5-inch, sunlight readable, color LCD screen offers extremely high quality live photos with temperatures displayed at a 60 Hz detector acquisition rate. This one is definitely for the professionals.

To see all the Fluke thermal imager models, including the TiR, TiR1, Ti20, TiR2FT, TiR3FT, Tir4FT, Ti40FT, Ti45FT & the Ti50FT, go to the complete Fluke Thermal imager line from AC Tool Supply.

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