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August 15, 2011 12:05 ET

Accela Opens 2011 User Conference With Focus on New Era of 'm-Government'

CEO Emphasizes Need for Ecosystem of Cloud-Based Software and Device-Agnostic, Role-Based Apps

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 15, 2011) - Accela, Inc., the leading provider of web- and cloud-based software for e-government, today opened its 2011 User Conference with a presentation by the company's CEO, who highlighted the emerging era of "m-government" -- in which smart phones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices are opening up new methods of information sharing, worker empowerment and citizen engagement. The Aug. 15-19 conference has drawn hundreds of government professionals from across the United States and overseas for speaker sessions, product demonstrations, networking opportunities, and dozens of hands-on training classes related to the company's Accela Automation® enterprise platform. This year's event features sponsors and exhibitors such as Esri, General Dynamics, Trimble Navigation, Motion Computing, Selectron, IK Consulting, Riva Modeling, and many more.

e-Government Becomes m-Government
Urging attendees to "run amok with creativity" in how they perform their jobs and deliver services, Accela President and CEO Maury Blackman discussed how a new generation of role-based apps, connected to an enterprise cloud and accessible on any device, will lead to greater efficiency for governments -- and greater relevancy to and engagement by citizens. Blackman noted that nearly 50 percent of the U.S. population now owns smart phones, and many are leveraging multiple mobile devices and social-media tools to manage their lives and businesses -- leading to an expectation of anytime-anywhere information and interaction by both workers and the public.

"E-government is giving way to mobile government, or 'm-government,'" Blackman said. "Where e-government was about putting information and enabling certain processes on the web or mobile devices, m-government is about delivering productive, engaging experiences to workers and citizens alike. New mobile solutions and apps, coupled with new back-end and cloud-based technologies, are allowing us to optimize the user experience for the devices people are using, the exact places they're located, and the specific tasks they're trying to complete. m-Government will soon be a centerpiece of how government and citizens interact."

Blackman emphasized that "government is on the move" and cited examples of Accela's vision for how tailored apps, connected to an agency's mobile cloud, could streamline the worker and citizen experience.

  • Planning department reviewers could scan quick response (QR) codes with their smart phones to track the workflow status of paper documents for specific projects.
  • Supervisors could assign work to staff members using the drag-and-drop function on a tablet device, or pull up GIS maps of current projects and workloads whenever they need.
  • Permit clerks could check on specific records, including application and payment status or special requirements, while on the go.
  • Code enforcement officers could leverage geolocation capability to access parcel information and create a new case for any number of violation types.

Blackman also previewed some elements of Accela's planned mobile cloud -- a hosted system intended to help governments manage such issues as user profiles, notifications, security and licenses, pre-processing, and data storage, among others. In addition, he revealed Accela's plans to offer software and application development kits, allowing the company's partners and customers to develop the apps that they feel will best serve the needs of governments and citizens. Further details about Accela's mobile cloud offering and its development kits will be announced in 2012.

Industry Firsts in Government Mobility
Accela has made mobile apps a centerpiece of its strategy, underscoring the company's commitment to continuously build upon the value of a customer's investment in Accela Automation. Accela demonstrated its most recent apps at the conference, including Accela Analytics™ and Accela Mobile 311™.

  • Accela Analytics is a native iPad app, which offers integrated s with GIS maps from Esri and enables government users to gain real-time access to role-specific information from their Accela Automation database. This first-of-its kind app lets users view property-related permits, license inspections, assets storm drains and fire hydrants, and other data tracked by Accela Automation. The forthcoming update to Accela Analytics will feature Esri GIS map overlays, allowing workers to understand the terrain, environment or other attributes that are germane to their current projects. The new version also will extend the ability to access maps and specific records to the iPhone.

  • Accela Mobile 311 is a native iPhone and iPad app that enables members of the public to take an active role in their community by requesting services from or reporting conditions to their local agency. Accela Mobile 311 differs from most such apps which often mimic traditional methods for submitting service requests. Because the app ties directly to an agency's Accela Automation system, it helps governments effectively track, prioritize and assign incoming service requests -- a boon to resource-strapped teams.

"Helping citizens communicate more effectively with their government, and workers with their back-office, creates stronger, better managed communities," Blackman said. "I believe that, despite today's challenges, the future for accessible, efficient government -- m-government -- has never been brighter."

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