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March 15, 2011 09:36 ET

Acceptance of additional study by CRD

                                                                                              15 March 2011
                                             EDEN RESEARCH PLC
                                           ("Eden" or "Company")

                                   Acceptance of additional study by CRD

Eden Research plc, a leading UK agrochemical development company, today announces that the additional assay
study  undertaken  by  Eden,  as recommended by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate  ("CRD")  to  expedite
product approvals in the European Union, has been reviewed and accepted by the CRD.

Currently,  the  three  active  substance dossiers submitted by Eden are  with  the  European  Food  Safety
Authority ("EFSA") for their review. Once EFSA have completed their review process, the European Commission
will  vote  on  the  inclusion of Eden's active substances onto Annex I. Annex I  is  the  list  of  active
substances approved for use in pesticidal products.

All  three of Eden's actives substances have been submitted to EFSA with CRD's recommendation for  Annex  I

Clive Newitt, Managing Director of Eden Research, said:

"The  acceptance  of  this  additional study by CRD should help to smooth the process  in  gaining  product
approvals throughout Europe.

Annex I inclusion of Eden's three active substances is not only important for our first product, 3AEY,  but
also for a number of follow on products for a variety of applications."

The Directors of Eden Research PLC are responsible for the contents of this announcement.


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Eden's  strategy  is  focused  on the development and commercialisation of its terpene-based  encapsulation
technology for agricultural and non-agricultural uses through appropriate regional or global partnerships.

Terpenes  are natural compounds which function as defence mechanisms in many plant groups and are  released
in response to infection, attack by pests, stress or mechanical injury. Terpenes are already widely used in
the food flavouring, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Historically, terpenes have had limited commercial use in the agrochemical sector due to their  volatility,
phytotoxicity  and poor solubility. Eden's platform encapsulation technology provides the  unique,  natural
solution to these problems and enables terpenes to be used as effective, low-risk agrochemicals.

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