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Access Copyright

January 20, 2012 16:16 ET

Access Copyright Seizes Copyright Infringing Coursepacks from York University Area Copy Shop

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 20, 2012) - Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency, announced today that it confiscated unlawfully photocopied coursepacks from Keele Digital Printing and Copying Services (formerly operating as Keele Copy Centre), a copy shop located near York University's Keele campus. That copy shop was enjoined in a January 2010 judgment of the Federal Court of Canada from making and selling works published by Access Copyright's affiliate rightsholders. The coursepacks were all from courses offered at York University.

"Some educational institutions, including York University, recently decided to operate without an Access Copyright licence. This decision may have provoked an increase in the use of unlicensed copy shops, off campus, to produce unlawfully photocopied coursepacks in order to meet the content needs of professors and students," said Maureen Cavan, Executive Director, Access Copyright. "This seizure shows there is an urgent need to have a licence in place that seamlessly addresses the content needs of professors and students while ensuring that creators and publishers are fairly compensated when their works are used," added Ms. Cavan.

The seizure was a follow up procedure to assess this copy shop's compliance with the Federal Court judgment. As part of its mandate, Access Copyright routinely conducts investigations to uncover and stop copy shops from making unlawful copies of coursepacks and textbooks, activities that are essentially robbing revenues from Canadian publishers and authors. Access Copyright helps businesses, academic institutions, copy shops, and other users of copyrighted materials comply with copyright through its range of licensing solutions.

"Copy shops that do not have an Access Copyright licence give themselves an illegal and unfair advantage over shops that respect copyright," said Ms. Cavan. "We hope that this event will not only change the practices of Keele Digital Printing, but also deters other non-compliant shops from infringing."

Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency, is a not-for-profit organization founded by Canadian creators and publishers to meet the needs of users of copyright protected works, while ensuring fair compensation for that use. Access Copyright represents nearly 10,000 Canadian writers and publishers. Access Copyright works with organizations in all sectors to help them operate legally by providing access to licences that allow for the legitimate use of published copyright protected materials. To learn more about copyright visit us online at

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