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Access Copyright

February 03, 2012 13:18 ET

Access Copyright's Enforcement Efforts Result in Six Month Jail Sentence for Toronto Copy Shop Owner

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 3, 2012) - On January 31, 2012, Duc Tinh Nguyen, owner and operator of T & T Copy Centre, was found guilty of contempt of court and sentenced to six months in jail by a Federal Court Judge.

Mr. Nguyen can take steps to suspend his sentence if he performs 400 hours of community service within the next 13 months.

Mr. Nguyen was found to have breached the terms of a Federal Court judgment obtained against him by Access Copyright in 2008 which prohibited him from further acts of copyright infringement at his store located near the University of Toronto St. George campus.

As part of its mandate, Access Copyright routinely monitors copy shops for evidence of illegal photocopying of course packs and textbooks, activities that are essentially robbing revenues from Canadian publishers and authors.

Access Copyright helps businesses, academic institutions, copy shops, and other users of copyrighted materials comply with copyright through its range of licensing solutions. The initial and continuing illegal activities of Mr. Nguyen that landed him in jail were uncovered through this monitoring.

"It is our hope that the newly signed agreement between Access Copyright and the University of Toronto which is based on a flat annual royalty rate will eliminate the incentive to turn to rogue copyshops for cheap, illegal coursepacks such as Mr. Nguyen's," said Maureen Cavan, Executive Director, Access Copyright. "Under the new licence agreement with the University of Toronto and Western University, the 10 cents per page royalty that applied to course packs has been replaced by a single annual royalty payment that covers all of the student's copying needs. This ensures that creators and publishers are fairly compensated when their works are used," said Ms. Cavan.

Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency, is a not-for-profit organization founded by Canadian creators and publishers to meet the needs of users of copyright protected works, while ensuring fair compensation for that use. Access Copyright represents over 10,000 Canadian writers and publishers. Access Copyright works with organizations in all sectors to help them operate legally by providing access to licences that allow for the legitimate use of published copyright protected materials. To learn more about copyright visit us online at

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