SOURCE: Convertro, Inc.

Convertro, Inc.

May 22, 2012 17:00 ET

According to Convertro, Television Spending Boosts Revenue per Click for Online and Offline Marketing Channels -- Including Social Media & Affiliates

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - Today Convertro (, the leading marketing optimization company that leverages cross-attribution of on- and offline channels to provide marketers true measurement of campaign effectiveness, released the following findings:

Marketers have traditionally believed that Television only impacts the Direct Traffic, Branded Paid Search and Branded Organic Search channels, demonstrated as increases in conversion rate, number of conversions and revenue.

To investigate the true impact of Television on Online, Convertro's cross-channel attribution team conducted several studies with multiple clients across four main categories:

1. Clients that had never purchased TV previously but added it to their marketing mix during the study period
2. Clients that lowered or increased media spends during specific time periods for purposes of measuring impact both on TV and Online
3. Clients that tested modifications to Creative or new networks/programs on TV
4. Clients that had TV presence for multiple years

The studies revealed a definite positive halo effect of TV over time on a wide range of online and offline marketing channels including radio, print, direct mail and word of mouth.

Our study with the first set of clients showed the impact of TV as follows:

Visitor Increase Conversion Rate Improvement
Direct Traffic +89% +63%
PPC Brand +260% +9%
Organic Brand +222% +7%
PPC Non-Brand +51% +13%
Organic Non-Brand +17% +45%
Social Media +1% +25%
Affiliates +62% +41%
Display +61% +29%

So then why do marketers typically fail to recognize the impact of Television on this wide range of channels? This is likely the result of a misguided dependence by the majority of online marketers on a last click attribution approach -- a failure to consider the online buying experience in a holistic framework.

Since most companies lack the ability to perform the most basic multi-click digital attribution, layering in the complexity of lift resulting from Offline impact remains elusive. These marketers typically use self-reported data, surveys or other hypothetical (and biased) sampling methods in a feeble attempt to determine the true impact of TV. Even those that have the capability to directly measure impact on click-based traffic will often take the path of least resistance and simply apply a last click model to assess impacts on only Direct Traffic and Branded Search.

At Convertro, we understand that using a methodology that fails to consider the impact of TV on all marketing channels under credits the immediate traffic impact and latent halo effects of TV's brand-equity-building results. We therefore cross-attribute the correct share of the lift experienced in each channel back to Television, enabling our clients to focus their spend in the right areas to drive the maximum possible revenue and profit.

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Convertro ( provides advertisers and agencies valuable cross-channel analytics and actionable recommendations to attribute, optimize, monitor and adjust marketing strategies and tactics in order to significantly and efficiently grow revenue and profit across all marketing channels, both on- and offline. By capturing and analyzing all user touch-points leading to a conversion everywhere and every time, Convertro provides marketers true intelligence with scientifically-advanced attribution and predictive capabilities. The company's proprietary and patent-pending technologies enable it to cross-attribute across online, television, radio, print, and direct mail channels with ROI maximization as the underlying drive. Convertro is based in Santa Monica and maintains a research office in Israel.

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