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May 25, 2016 12:16 ET

According to a CSO Insights Study: While CRM Subscriptions Are on the Rise, Sales Teams Struggle to Increase CRM Adoption Rates; Communispond® Offers a Solution

EAST HAMPTON, NY--(Marketwired - May 25, 2016) - According to a study conducted by CSO Insights, the number of CRM subscriptions are steadily increasing, but CRM adoption rates are not. Most sales teams wouldn't think about operating without a CRM, like®. CRMs have become a way of life in the world of sales. The purpose of CRMs is for them to help make it easier for sales reps to close more business, but when sales teams are given the tool, but not the knowledge of how to use it effectively, it becomes just another obstacle.

But what can sales teams do to increase adoption rates? The study conducted by CSO Insights analyzed over 120 metrics. Through the analysis, they found that one trend that produced significant increases in the percentage of reps who actively use their CRM systems in training. It is when selling skills and expert usage of CRMs are completely intertwined that there is the greatest momentum, power, and return on investment from both. To quote Jim Dickie who partners with CSO Insights, "It is one thing to have a world-class racecar; it is another to know how to drive it." Communispond Inc., the leader in executive communication, sales, and leadership training, offers a program to increase® adoption rates. The program is called Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users.

Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users seamlessly integrates technology with sales skills to work together to drive sales. It makes improvements to sales team's sales processes for the immediate and long-term future. In Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users, sales teams learn within their own instances of® throughout the class. It is because of this that most students post significant advances to their own® instance even before the end of class.

This is a skills training program and that means it changes behavior. Changing behavior is one of the hardest things humans ever undertake. On the other hand, if the person being changed is committed to doing the hard work of behavior change, results will not only improve, but they will continue to improve as sales professionals' new skills become second nature to them and they begin to discover new ways to make use of them in the sales process.

More information on Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users can be found at .

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