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Farmland Marketing Group

August 05, 2011 09:51 ET

According to Farmland Marketing Group, Real Cash Returns Make Farmland One of the Most Well Rounded Investment Vehicle Available

No One Will Dispute Farmlands' Reputation for Providing Investors With Sustained Appreciation, but What About Income?

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - Aug 5, 2011) - Over the last 20 years total returns on farmland have averaged nearly 11% with almost no volatility.

Few other investment vehicles provide investors with a store of value like farmland or have a better track record for preserving capital or hedging inflation.

But in the past, the income portion of the return only amounted to about 2-3% with the balance coming from appreciation.

According to Todd Dyer, President of The Farmland Marketing Group ( (Lake Geneva, WI) advances in seed technology, a growing world population, an increased global demand for grains and higher commodity prices have all improved net income for grain farms.

Mr. Dyer grew up in Wisconsin, America's Dairyland, where his mother's side of the family were dairy farmers going back 100 years. His father spent his career at Transamerica Life Insurance, a Company with hundreds of millions of dollars in farmland holdings. Additionally, his family has been invested personally in farmland for decades.

The growers Dyer has been talking to are on target to earn $800 plus an acre again this year, maybe more depending on where commodity prices end up this fall.

What's the big deal about $800 plus net income on an acre of farmland?

As Dyer points out, even at $10,000 an acre (a high price) that's an 8% cash return.

Add into the equation the fact that domestic farmland appreciated an average of 15% last quarter alone and you're talking about a 23% plus return for the year with only half this years' appreciation factored in.

Mr. Dyer has spent nearly 3 years doing research for Nicholas C. Hindman, Sr. ( Chairman and Founder of start-up American Farmland Partners (formerly Midwest Farmland Partners).

Mr. Hindman, an Iowa farm boy, CPA and financial expert, has been CEO, COO and CFO of a number of different publicly traded companies. Hindman and his team of financial and agricultural specialists have spent a significant amount of time and money putting together what they believe will be The Ag Fund of the Future.

Dyer continues, "There are a number of compelling reasons why the investment public should be looking at these new Funds, farmers really want to be a part of this, for a farmer interested in selling it gives them a way to get the liquidity they need and want, avoid paying a capital gains tax all without having to give up their farms and perhaps more important, at present, these are the only Funds that individual U.S. residents can invest in where they participate directly in the income and appreciation generated by domestic farmland."

It is the Mission of The Farmland Marketing Group to educate farmers and potential investors about the benefits of becoming part of what will be the world's first publicly-traded consolidation of independent grain producers.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with Mr. Dyer or Nicholas C. Hindman, Sr. phone toll free 866-800-7039 extension 30.

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