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May 19, 2016 14:02 ET

According to, Big Opportunity for Small Action Camera Makers as GoPro Suffers

CORAL GABLES, FL--(Marketwired - May 19, 2016) - The action camera market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 22% by 2023 while over 9 million action camera units are expected to be shipped worldwide by 2018. Increasing popularity and usage of mobile apps and social networking sites will fuel industry growth over the next several years. Consumers are constantly looking for new ways to share life's moments with their friends and family. Action cameras are also growing exponentially for Professional usage, as an increasing number of sporting events are attempting to provide a premier viewing experience. This has created a large opportunity for 3 new players entering the action camera space to steal market share from GoPro.

According to, "With a rapidly growing industry comes increased competition. An industry that once had GoPro sitting atop all by itself is now seeing a flood of competition that will surely eat away at the company's market share."

In 2015, GoPro accounted for over 45% of action camera industry sales. But strong industry growth is beginning to have a negative effect on the Company. A hefty price tag, lack of certain standard features, an inability to diversify product lines, and a drastic increase in competition has seen GoPro's stock price plummet 86% in less than a year. Meanwhile, three other companies are hitting the market with new products at lower price points with more standard features.

Sony Corporation

Sony has become increasingly aggressive in the action camera market introducing technologically advanced devices. The HDR-AS50, one of Sony's latest models, comes with an enhanced anti-shake function and is super light weighing only 58 grams. It also comes with a waterproof case that is effective up to 60 meters underwater. The HDR-AS50 is a consumer recommended choice, even for novices.

Similar to earlier models, the AS50 has a super-wide-angle Zeiss-Tessar F/2.8 lens that maximizes light enabling for crisp recording in low light. It also has Sony's exclusive Exmor R metal-oxide semiconductor sensor and Bionz X imaging processor that supports up to 11 megapixels.

Given Sony is an export-heavy business, a recently weak yen adds strong value potential to the Company's stock. A weaker yen makes a wide range of Sony products more competitive. Sony has gained approximately 24% in less than three months.

LG Electronics

Consumers and critics alike are excited for LG's recently introduced LG Action CAMLTE. It is the first action camera to be available globally with LTE connectivity built-in. This cool feature allows users to stream directly to sites such as YouTube Live without a smartphone. The camera will launch in South Korea next month followed by key markets in North America and Europe soon thereafter.

In addition to its live streaming feature, LG Action CAMLTE will offer remote functionality via 3G and LTE enabling the device to be used as a CCTV camera for home monitoring or as an automobile dash camera. Action CAMLTE users will be able to download recorded images and videos on their paired smartphones.

Although the price point has not yet been released, many feel the LG Action CAMLTE is poised to steal a large chunk of GoPro's market share.

LifeClips Inc.

LifeClips recently announced initial orders for their SoloVu™ 4k action camera. The SoloVu boasts several key features that do not come standard with many GoPro models. The SoloVu comes with an internal gyroscope for greater image stabilization, built in motion detection for activation, and live video streaming capability. But perhaps the most impressive feature is the 16 mega-pixel image camera. In comparison, Sony's HDR-AS50 goes up to just 11 mega-pixels while LG's highly anticipated LG Action CAMLTE comes in at 12.3 mega-pixels.

The SoloVu has video options of 4k, 2k, 1080 and 720 while offering Wi-Fi connectivity and a waterproof case up to 30 meters. The camera also comes with a 32GB memory card and features burst, time lapse, and looping video modes.

Anticipation for the SoloVu launch seems to be high as LifeClips' stock has gained approximately 124% in the last month leading up to the product's debut.

With companies like Sony, LG, and LifeClips bringing more technologically advanced cameras to market with better standard features at a lower price point, GoPro may have a hard time turning things around. The Company further stumbled when they announced they would be delaying the highly anticipated launch of their Karma drone. Many saw that as GoPro's chance to diversify its product line to better deal with increased competition in the action camera market. Much to investors' demise, GoPro stock has fallen as much as 24% since announcing the delay on May 5, 2016.


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