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Accredited Online College Degrees

June 08, 2012 19:08 ET

'Accredited Online College Degrees' Website Now Features a Database of All US Colleges, Universities and Schools

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Jun 8, 2012) - No matter what educational focus you have in mind, selecting a post-secondary school can be a time-consuming and difficult challenge for prospective students. Considering that there are several thousand post-secondary schools scattered across the United States, it would take many long hours of diligent effort for someone to find all the schools that fit their needs and interests. Before now, there have been limited resources that list all the post-secondary schools in the United States. Fortunately, the education experts at have developed a great new tool for anyone interested in attending a college, university, or trade/technical school.

Although Accredited Online College Degrees typically focuses on accredited online colleges and distance learning programs, they have recently added a database of every post-secondary school in the United States. Site manager Dr. Matthew Memmott explains the motivation for this work: "Finding a college or trade school can be an overwhelming challenge. Having a resource where you can locate every single school and look at what type of degrees are offered as well as student housing options is invaluable, and up until now hasn't really existed. We hope that this can be used by prospective students, teachers, counselors, or even parents to assist in the difficult process of finding an ideal school."

The database of colleges and universities can be accessed directly from the home page, via the sidebar. On the database front page, all 50 states plus the District of Columbia are listed, along with some tips for how to select a good match in a post-secondary school. Schools are organized by state, and then in alphabetical order on each state page. In addition to the school list, each state page also has a small blurb describing the educational circumstances or interesting facts about the schools in the state. Each college, university, and trade school listed in the database has its own page, which identifies location, website, contact information, types of degrees, student housing options, and even the atmosphere and setting of the college (rural or urban or somewhere in-between).

"We don't have every piece of information, yet," says Memmott, "but schools are contacting us personally now that we have uploaded the database and are providing missing information to our database managers and updating information as it changes."

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this online database of schools is that there is the option for alum of each school to rate and give a review about the school. This provides prospective students with personal opinions and experiences that will help them decide which school is best for them personally. This means students don't have to rely solely on cold numbers and facts, but they can also take into account the opinions of their friends. For example, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics online reviewer, Chris, said "As for aviation maintenance training and learning, this school excels. Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics has some of the most knowledgeable instructors not because they keep their noses in a book but because they lived the job. PIA got me to the position I am in now." Eventually the goal of the website managers is to have an extensive list of reviews for each school so that there are enough data points to draw a solid conclusion about each university.

Although selecting a school will continue to be a challenging project, Accredited Online College Degrees is doing what they can to facilitate a simplified experience for the prospective student. By building the extensive online database of colleges, universities, and trade/technical schools, they have made themselves a one-stop destination for someone interested in finding information about any of the thousands of post-secondary education institutions in the United States.

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