SOURCE: Accredited Business Consolidators Corp.

October 03, 2012 00:02 ET

Accredited Transcription Corp. Acquires 100% of Patent for Off-Site Transcription Service

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2012) - Accredited Transcription Corp. previously acquired 66.6% ownership of United States Patent 6,298,328. Today, ATC announced that it acquired the remaining 33.4% of the patent. The invention consists of an off-site transcription system whereby the user speaks and the voice is transmitted to an off-site data site and converted into text.

ATC's position is that the technology is being infringed upon by several major entities and that the company is entitled to residual royalties on each device or software package sold. Therefore, within the next thirty days, ATC will serve cease and desist notices upon Google Inc. for its Android-based Voice Recognition system within Jelly Bean, Apple Inc. because of its Siri system, Vlingo, Inc., and many other software and hardware providers that have adopted systems similar to the patent.

Each of the above technologies appear to have copied the invention since they have the user speak into their device, the voice is transmitted to a central data processing facility, the sounds are converted to text and returned to the device. ATC believes that these procedures clearly infringe on the patent and that those who misuse its technology must either license it, pay royalties, or cease using the products. If royalties cannot be achieved through negotiations, ATC will initiate litigation and seek injunctions against those who infringe on the patent.

ATC recognizes that its patent provides a technology that benefits the public, so it remains amenable to work with companies such as Google and Apple as long as it receives proper royalties on each of their units sold that use the patented technology.

A copy of the ATC patent can be obtained from:


Accredited Transcription Corp. is an entity formed for the purpose of establishing digital transcription technologies owned by a consortium of enterprises. The patent prosecution program is managed and overseen by Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. (OTCQB: ACDU), which also owns 15% of the common and preferred stock of ATC.

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