SOURCE: Accumax Golf

April 21, 2006 09:30 ET

Accumax Golf Introduces the Bronze Beam Putter

A Club That Gets Noticed Anywhere It Is Played

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 21, 2006 -- Accumax announced today that the eye-catching Bronze Beam mallet putter, tested by the likes of former Canadian champions Ben Kern and Moe Norman, is now available at their Internet address (

Accumax Golf delivers a club that gives you confidence the moment it touches your hands. Thanks to the unique design, proven materials and fine balance, the club stays on line throughout the swing and even after impact. In industry circles, such a meticulously handcrafted instrument is best described as a "suspended face, face balanced mallet putter with an offset shaft and corded pistol grip." It boasts a 32-step, labour intensive manufacturing process and a simple design as being the key to its accuracy and fine feel.

The Bronze Beam is designed to provide maximum accuracy, time and time again. The offset shaft is positioned to give full and clear visibility to the long sight line across the blade and the upper surface of the club head. The 2 1/2° loft angle combined with a low center of gravity (C.G.) encourages the ball to roll immediately upon impact with virtually no skipping. Face balancing and CG location maximizes forgiveness for those common off-center hits. Characteristic of this patented design is the soft feel at impact, enhanced by the suspended bronze blade set into hard maple. Don't let unusual appearances fool you, once you start sinking putts with the Bronze Beam, appearance won't matter at all.

When it comes to quality, Accumax uses only the finest of materials and components from North America such as: the shaft by True Temper, grip by Golf Pride and maple from Canada. Metallic components from Texas are machined to aerospace precision to provide an accurate and reliable blade surface. Finally, expert club makers of Kentucky shape, fit, assemble and finish these individually handcrafted putters ready for the serious golfer.

Delivering a high quality product starts with the raw materials and Accumax ensures that a Certificate of Conformity accompanies all the metallic components prior to machining. Since "Force Damping" is a key feature of this patented design, consistent material properties and close machining tolerances are carefully observed.

In summary the Bronze Beam has several features that distinguish it from the competition:

--  Aircraft quality Aluminum-Bronze blade for a firm yet soft feel at
    impact on short and long putts
--  Milled face for true surface accuracy with a brushed finish to enhance
--  Strategic placement of the center of gravity (CG) combined with face
    balancing to maximize forgiveness for off-center hits
--  "Force Damping" from the suspended blade encased in hard wood combined
    with an offset shaft to minimize the feel of miss-hits
--  Triangular head cavity behind the blade to provide an auditory
    response when the ball strikes the sweet spot
--  Offset shaft aligned with CG to minimize twisting and prevent sight
    line obstruction
--  Long sight line across the blade and the upper surface of the club
    head for visual reference and easy target lock-on
--  Specially selected kiln dried and aged hardwood (maple) to resist
--  Deep polyurethane finish to provide a tough weather resistant surface
    and to preserve the natural beauty of wood
--  Strict conformance to high standard of materials, quality and
    workmanship for product integrity
CLUB HEAD:         Select Hardwood (Maple)
BLADE:             UNS C61400 Aluminum Bronze
SOLE:              C360 Brass
SHAFT:             Carbon Steel (True Temper)
GRIP:              Corded - Pistol (Golf Pride)
FACE:              Suspended Blade
LOFT:              2 1/2 °
LIE ANGLE:         70°
LENGTH:            88.9 cm (35 in.)
WEIGHT(HEAD):HAND  275 gm (0.60 lbs.)Left and Right

The putter's true qualifications are encapsulated in one word: ACCUMAX. Simply engineered for a better game.

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The Bronze Beam conforms to USGA and RCGA Rules of Golf and can be used in professional play.

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