SOURCE: ACH Foam Technologies

ACH Foam Technologies

March 04, 2014 09:55 ET

ACH Foam Technologies Insulation Listed as Basis-for-Design in Masterspec Division 7

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 4, 2014) - ACH Foam Technologies, manufacturer of Foam-Control® Plus+® architectural grade EPS insulation, is excited to announce its EPS board insulation products are now listed in the Division 7 section of Masterspec to help specifiers select the best insulation for their project.

Most notably, all of ACH Foam Technologies' insulation products are listed as the basis-of-design in Division 7 under specific Foam-Plastic Board Insulation categories. This includes:

  • Architectural Grade Expanded-Polystyrene Board Insulation
  • Expanded-Polystyrene Board Insulation
  • Film-Faced Expanded-Polystyrene Board Insulation

Foam-Control Plus+, manufactured by ACH Foam Technologies, is an architectural grade EPS sheet insulation that is ideal for perimeter, under-slab, cavity wall, pre-cast panel cores, waterproofing, green roofs and plaza decks applications. Foam-Control Plus+ provides the highest R-Value per dollar of any sheet insulation and is available up to 60 psi compressive strength.

Foam-Control Plus+ is configured to be easily compared across the board with XPS products. ACH is able to achieve this through three industry firsts:

1. Foam-Control Plus+ is first in the EPS market to provide face labeling. This makes comparisons between EPS and XPS possible. The stamp shows UL certification information, ASTM type, compressive strength, R-value, product name, whether it's scored insulation and if it contains a termite resistant treatment.

The face label on ACH's Foam-Control Plus+ architectural grade insulation makes it easier for distributors to stock product and easier for contractors to know what they're paying for. This in turn provides peace of mind to specifiers that the correct product was delivered to the jobsite.

2. Foam-Control Plus+ is the first EPS insulation to come with a warranty for 100% of its R-value for 50 years. Regardless of thickness, density or application, the warranty is the same. Foam-Control Plus+ is available in R-Values of R-5, R-7.5, R-10, R-15, R-20, and R-30. Other EPS manufacturers typically offer 100% for 20 years; XPS manufacturers can only offer a 90% R-value due to off-gassing, which decreases its R-value over time.

3. Foam-Control Plus+ is the first EPS insulation in the market to come pre-scored. The scoring provides contractors and installers the ability to break apart sections on the jobsite, giving them more flexibility, saving installation time, and reducing jobsite waste. Although the XPS market has offered this benefit for years, pre-scoring helps Foam-Control Plus+ more effectively compete with XPS products. The 4' x 8' sheets of Foam-Control Plus+ allow for four scored widths: 16", 24", 32", and 48".

For a copy of the Masterspec specification go to Login and go to Division 07. Foam-Control Plus+ is listed in the 072100 Foam-Plastic Board Insulation section 2.1.B. Visit for more information.