September 10, 2008 14:00 ET

Achieving Interactive Customer Relationships Starts by Getting Personal

Telcordia's Latest White Papers Discuss How CSPs Can Better Deliver Services in an Interactive Service World

PISCATAWAY, NJ--(Marketwire - September 10, 2008) - In the drive to succeed, communication service providers (CSPs) need to work towards achieving an interactive service delivery vision, where relationships between providers and customers are interactive and in real-time. Telcordia has released a series of white papers, which discuss the tangible benefits that operators can reap when they employ a personalised relationship with their customers.

According to Telcordia's white paper, "To Win in an Interactive World, Get Personal," CSPs need to develop an open business model that enables them to remain competitive, realize business growth and build interactive customer relationships in this interactive world.

Today CSPs continue to face traditional head-to-head competition, but are also under threat from the 'alternative communicators' like Google, AOL, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and other creative portal and retailers. These Internet-centred firms are causing major issues for CSPs as they are not only invading their market but they are also revolutionising the very idea of the customer experience. By creating truly personalised services and interacting with customers in real-time, these firms are striving to be ultra-relevant in the users' lives.

"Interactive service delivery plays a key role in driving customer loyalty by enabling customer engagements to be personalized and in real-time," said Pat McCarthy, Vice President, Service Delivery Marketing, Telcordia. "In order to achieve this, CSPs must embrace the technology and the attitude to connect with customers in ways that transcend cell towers and fiber optics and actually touch the lifestyles of their customers."

Telcordia believes CSPs need to start developing stronger relations with their customers now by transitioning to a more interactive business model and stop falling into the role of the enabler, which allows the Internet players to reap the rewards of the IP content and advertising explosion.

To achieve what Telcordia calls a true 'interactive service delivery vision' CSPs need to expand their concept of openness. Interactive service delivery not only requires open technology but also an open business model that starts with taking a broader view on key issues such as competitors, charging, personalization and marketing experience.

Once a personal relationship with customers is established, CSPs are in the prime position to be at the forefront of the new advertising age, where advertising is better targeted, has greater consumer acceptance, great interactivity and a higher value proposition for CSPs, advertisers and consumers. According to Telcordia's white paper "Finally, It's Personal: Telecom Will Drive the New Advertising Age," CSPs are in a unique position to understand a customer's preferences and the success rate of advertising campaigns that far surpasses what they are experiencing with broadcast, print and even Internet advertising today.

With interactive service delivery, CSPs can establish a friendlier advertising environment where broadband and mobile campaigns can see metrics based on actual click-throughs, calls, purchases or other responses.

Research has found that consumers want control over a variety of parameters, such as what ads are delivered, how many and in what format. It found that consumers want ads in interactive media i.e. messages that they can reply to, and they want ads delivered via media or networks that are different from those of the original content or services. For instance, when people are watching sporting events or movies on TV, they would rather receive messages or offers over their mobile phones, instead of in the middle of the action.

Interactive service delivery ensures that ad delivery and campaign intelligence spans mobile, fixed and broadband as much as possible. In this model, communication networks can monitor context and identify when advertising opportunities exits. It is driven by real-time, context-aware, individualised generation of ad inventory and it's a model that can be applied to all types of fixed, mobile and broadband services now when they are converged.

Telcordia has helped operators begin the process by empowering customers to personalise their services to accommodate their home and business needs. This positioned the CSP to be able to respond quickly to competitive moves. The next step is then to transition to converged services, where CSPs offer customers even more convenience and content with mobile-IP and/or mobile-wireline capabilities. Finally, after personalising existing services and moving toward converged services, CSPs can look towards full interactivity.

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To review the white paper "Finally, It's Personal: Telecom Will Drive the New Advertising Age," please visit

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