SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

February 17, 2010 14:31 ET

Achieving System Reliability

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - February 17, 2010) - Over the years, computer system reliability has been of paramount importance to users and system personnel alike. It has gained even more importance as companies have come to rely on automation for basic business functionality -- but it has always been a high priority. It really has been more a question of, how reliable can systems be made, and how can they be kept from going down unexpectedly?

Years ago, aggravating though they were, computer crashes, halts and hangs were fairly routine. Users would have to suffer through making due by hand until the system was back up and running while data center personnel would have to hide and avoid slings and arrows until they got everything working again.

It is only in the last five years or so that, thanks to technological achievements, constant uptime and reliability have become a reality. Advanced backup schemes, failover technology and many other innovations have made it possible for a system to never go down.

But reliability is more than just keeping the system up and running -- it also means keeping that system up and running with decent response time. For that, defragmentation has been the usual solution, for file fragmentation is the normal culprit in slowing system speed. No matter the technological advancements, fragmentation is still part and parcel of an operating system and unless directly dealt with, continues to compound and impact performance and reliability.

For many years a leader in performance innovation, Diskeeper Corporation recently accomplished what might be called an ultimate solution to fragmentation: preventing it before it ever occurs. Their latest release, Diskeeper® 2010 performance software, does exactly that. And system reliability, well just happens.

"Performing multiple defrags incurs unacceptably large maintenance windows, and still doesn't accomplish the job," said LC, who works with a large desktop/laptop manufacturer. "Diskeeper is increasing system reliability by ensuring that we don't experience outages caused by the inability to perform such defrags."

Utilizing a new revolutionary technology called IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention, Diskeeper 2010 intelligently writes files to the disk to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from occurring. Coupled with Diskeeper Corporation's superior defragmentation technology, Diskeeper 2010 delivers a complete performance solution for every Windows system at every site, and goes far beyond what defragmentation alone can achieve. Significant savings are also achieved reducing energy consumption and cooling -- even more than is done with conventional defragmentation.

"With Diskeeper I simply install, review the configuration, modify if necessary and check up on it about once a quarter -- maybe," LC added. "I simply can't think of a better, more reliable, and simple tool to implement in a large corporation."

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