June 11, 2012 10:11 ET


                                             DHAIS Plc

DHAIS  Plc ("DHAIS" or the "Company") (PLUS: DHAP), a UK leader in the marketing and retailing  of
hearing  and  mobility  products, announces the completion of the acquisition  of  a  hearing  and
mobility store in Staines.

About  12  months  ago  the  Board of DHAIS agreed to reluctantly sell  its  largest  and  highest
performing mobility store in Staines to Owen Hearing Limited ("OHL"), a subsidiary of Hearing  and
Health International ("HHI"), a Portuguese company, for some GBP 400k in cash.  Just prior to that
sale,  HHI had invested GBP 100,000 in DHAIS by way of a new issue of DHAIS shares.  The  disposal
and  share  issue  were  geared  to enable DHAIS to fund the cost of consolidation  following  the
ambitious  and  opportunist  expansion it had undertaken in the  prior  couple  of  years.   DHAIS
retained a 7.5% stake in OHL.

Following  discussions and after a very careful business review by DHAIS and HHI, the shareholders
of  OHL  agreed to return the Staines store to DHAIS in exchange for 2,000,000 Ordinary shares  in
the  Company  at the mid-market price of 27.5p per share.  This equates to GBP550,000.   Stock  is
being  acquired  separately for cash consideration circa GBP45,000, payable  in  3  equal  monthly

By  and large the business performance had been maintained, a full hearing aid service introduced,
and  DHAIS  inherits  2 hearing aid dispensers, additional customer data plus the  mobility  store
staff.  Turnover and profits attributable to the store in the 12 months to 31 March 2012 has  been
GBP547,163 and GBP25,982 respectively.

As  a  result  of the issue of shares the Company now has 61,540,247 shares in issue  and  OHL,  a
company in which DHAIS retains a 7.5% interest, will own 2,000,000 Ordinary shares or 3.25% of the
issued capital of the Company.

Additionally OHL's parent, HHI, owns 969,869 or 1.58% of the Ordinary shares in the Company.

Mark Moss, Chairman, commented:

"We  expect  the addition of the Staines store to improve the average sales and profit performance
of  our  13 branches and provide an even more solid foundation for hearing aid and mobility sales,
both in store and in the customers' homes.

We  now  have  the  added  strength and advantage of better overhead  spread,  more  data,  better
penetration and foundation to start our new financial year which begins in July.

This latest deal will benefit all shareholders and we appreciate the confidence shown in DHAIS  by
the  shareholders  in HHI and OHL, and seek other like-minded businesses and  individuals  in  the
hearing and mobility sectors to participate with us as we consolidate fragmented operations.

Our  unique  and  robust  marketing  driven  model which supports  independent  dealers,  employed
dispensers  and  our  mobility stores will enable further growth in an expanding  market  to  help
increase market share and further develop our prominence in the health sector."

The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.


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