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October 27, 2011 02:00 ET

Acquisition of exclusive Licence from University of Massachusetts Medical School

                                                                                              27th October 2011
                                               EDEN RESEARCH PLC
                                           ("Eden" or the "Company")
               Acquisition of exclusive Licence from University of Massachusetts Medical School
*   Global Licence agreement signed with University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
*   Company has acquired the exclusive rights to a new, "next-generation" encapsulation delivery system
*   Significant potential for applications such as animal health, biocides and cosmetics
Eden Research plc, the agrochemical and encapsulation company, is pleased to announce that it has acquired  the
exclusive, global rights to a next-generation encapsulation delivery system based on scientific research at the
University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, USA ("UMMS").

The  UMMS  technology will augment Eden's own proprietary technology and allows for greater  control  over  the
timing  of  release of the active substance. The patent covering the new technology has been granted  in  seven
countries to date including USA, Spain, France and Italy and is valid until June 2025, which extends  the  life
of Eden's overall patent position. The patent is also in an advanced state of registration in a number of other

Eden's proprietary encapsulation delivery system is already being used commercially in environmentally friendly
agrochemical  applications where it enables the slow release of compounds to control pests and  infection.  The
system is also being evaluated by some of the world's largest companies for use in other sectors such as animal
health, biocides and cosmetics, all of which will benefit from the next-generation UMMS technology.

Clive  Newitt,  Managing  Director of Eden, said, "This new, advanced system opens the  door  to  a  number  of
exciting  opportunities  for  Eden as we can now provide a platform for greater precision  delivery  of  active
substances  which enables dosages to be reduced to meet the demands of consumers, retailers and regulators.  We
are  committed to expanding our portfolio of related technologies and this license will complement  the  rights
recently  granted from Cornell University to ensure that Eden is positioned at the fore-front of  encapsulation

The Directors of Eden are responsible for the contents of this announcement.


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University of Massachusetts Medical School
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Eden  has developed terpene-based encapsulation technology which uses yeast cells to deliver a slow release  of
natural compounds for agricultural and non-agricultural uses.

Terpenes  are natural compounds which function as defence mechanisms in many plant groups and are  released  in
response  to infection, attack by pests, stress or mechanical injury. Terpenes are already widely used  in  the
food flavouring, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Historically,  terpenes  have had limited commercial use in the agrochemical sector due  to  their  volatility,
phytotoxicity  and poor solubility. Eden's platform encapsulation technology provides a unique, environmentally
friendly solution to these problems and enables terpenes to be used as effective, low-risk agrochemicals.

The  next-generation  encapsulation technology licensed from the University  of  Massachusetts  Medical  School
provides  significant  additional benefits to the original system as it allows  release  to  be  controlled  by
environmental  factors rather than relying solely upon the chemistry of the substances used.  This  means  that
there  is more control over the timing of the release of the active compound being carried allowing for further
reduction in chemicals applied whilst ensuring maximum effectiveness.

The  UMMS  license  also  significantly expands the potential use of the Eden  technology  in  non-agricultural
applications such as health and beauty, cosmetics and animal health.

About the University of Massachusetts Medical School:
The  University  of Massachusetts Medical School attracts more than $300 million in research funding  annually,
and  its  innovative  programs are the centerpiece of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Initiative.  Consistently
ranked  by  U.S.News  &  World  Report as one of the leading medical schools in the  nation  for  primary  care
education, UMMS comprises a medical school, graduate school of nursing, graduate school of biomedical  sciences
and an active research enterprise, and is a leader in health sciences education, research and public service.

For more information about Eden, please visit www.edenresearch.com

For more information about UMMS, please visit www.ummassmed.edu

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