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July 11, 2008 05:55 ET

Acquisition of Muscle and Backfat Scanning Division from Innovis Plc

                          NATIONAL MILK RECORDS PLC ("NMR" or "the Company")
                 Acquisition of Muscle and Backfat Scanning Division from Innovis Plc

The  Directors  of  Mational Milk Records Plc are pleased to announce that on  1  July  2008  National
Livestock  Records  ("NLR"),  a wholly owned subsidiary of National Milk Records  Plc,  purchased  the
Muscle  and Backfat scanning division from Innovis Plc. The sum paid for this division was £40,000  in

Innovis  Plc  evolved  from  the Institute of Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth  University.  The  company
provides  a range of commercial services to livestock breeders aimed at improving the genetic  quality
of livestock.

Muscle  and  Backfat scanning provides information enabling prediction of the degree of  muscling  and
leaness  in  the  whole  carcass of sheep and cattle. Both parties believe that increased  demand  for
efficient  production, and for livestock traceability will increase the market for services like  this
and that NLR is well placed to meet that demand.

The  service  fits  with the NMR group's plan to add sheep and livestock recording  to  its  suite  of
services to the UK dairy and livestock industries. The Company believe that it is in a strong position
to assist sheep farmers in complying with pending legislation to have all sheep electronically tagged.

The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.

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