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August 21, 2007 12:30 ET

ACT of Communication "What Can Lawyers Learn from Actors(SM)" DVD Trial Skills Workshop Series Now Available Online

CULVER CITY, CA--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - ACT of Communication®, the premier trial consulting firm, launches a full series of four DVDs for trial attorneys, developed from their famed Trial Skills Workshops, "What Can Lawyers Learn from Actors(SM)." For the past 30 years, founders and groundbreaking consultants, Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James have set a new standard in the art of advocacy, bringing forward their expertise in theater -- and using persuasive, dynamic techniques -- to advance the field of law.

The art of storytelling is live, active and compelling. Every word spoken impacts the audience, and this DVD series teaches attorneys exactly how to control the fine art of communication through storytelling. They learn just how to control the focus and attention of everyone in the courtroom, while ensuring and enhancing their own credibility -- through the fine art of being themselves. In addition, attorneys develop a courtroom persona that is natural, genuine and authentic. Alan and Katherine explain the importance of meter and rhythm in language and how to apply these devices to opening and closing arguments. Attorneys will learn how to better control questioning and movement in the courtroom. On the final DVD, they teach attorneys how to develop their voice with specific vocal warm ups, and how to achieve a level of physical relaxation that keeps their focus sharp.

"If I were able to do one thing, philanthropically, to improve the quality of advocacy in this country, I would provide every trial lawyer a set of your DVDs," said Randy James of Randolph M. James P.C. "The techniques truly work. Alan and Katherine's presentations are inspiring. After practicing law for 20 years, your DVDs have renewed the zealousness of my advocacy and inspired me to pursue the art of advocacy in the representation of my clients."

The DVDs are sold individually, with 12 hours of C.L.E. credits on each, or may be purchased as a full set. Each DVD is $125.00 and $400.00 for the set of four. ACT of Communication DVDs can be purchased online at

"In addition to the DVD sales we have created four trial skills workshops annually in California. The workshops serve attorneys from all over the country who are interested in developing their full potential as advocates, and who want the in-depth personal attention a live setting can provide," said Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James, the Founders of ACT of Communication. "Additionally, each workshop will fulfill 12 hours of C.L.E. requirements including ethics, substance abuse and more. For more information and details about the workshops please visit our website."

Alan and Katherine have provided state-of-the-art trial communication skills to over 30,000 attorneys and their witnesses for the past 30 years. As professionals who make a living in film, television and theater, the company's founders have appeared in hundreds of television shows, scores of films, and with dozens of repertory companies and theaters throughout the world. Over the past thirty years, they have also become expert legal consultants through the careful study of learning theory and education theory, as well as the study of human behavior -- how people learn, how jurors learn, and how they deliberate.

About ACT of Communication

Founded in 1977, ACT of COMMUNICATION® is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in live communication. People learn best through a story. And jurors are people. In court most attorneys forget that they are one person telling a story to a group of people. Taking that jury group of strangers and unifying them, with a compelling factual story, is the primary job of the trial lawyer. Teaching lawyers how to tell stories effectively is the job of ACT of Communication®. Finding the stories within each case -- the overall theme, the story of each witness, and the story of their client -- is the primary objective.

ACT of COMMUNICATION® is an innovator in legal and trial consulting. Translating ideas, opinions, research and facts into the live three-dimensional event of a trial is the challenge to the attorney. The attorney is called upon to assume the tasks of writer, director and actor, but unfortunately is only trained in the rules and procedures of the law. Employing the full spectrum of verbal and non-verbal communication skills is the province of the performing artist. ACT of Communication provides this training to lawyers. Learning these techniques is essential to lawyers becoming better skilled in their profession -- lawyers who win more cases; lawyers who create better settlements; lawyers who connect as people with jurors, clients and judges.

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