Actab, la filiale techno de Produits Delta

Actab, la filiale techno de Produits Delta

April 04, 2012 11:18 ET

ACTAB Presents DELTAB: The Interactive Whiteboard, the New Class Favourite!

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 4, 2012) -

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In the presence of the media and other guests, including Mr. Nicolas St-Pierre of Mira Foundation and Mrs. Rose-Marie Lapointe of Desjardins Group, Mr. Paul Alain, President of Actab and Delta Products, introduced the new class favourite, the DELTAB interactive whiteboard built here in Quebec and certified by the CSPQ.

Delta Products, the visual communication industry leader in Quebec, turns digital by offering to schools the Deltab interactive whiteboard incorporating infrared technology developed by its division, Actab. "Interactive, ergonomic and environmental friendly, Deltab truly makes the classroom fully 3.0 compatible," Mr. Alain mentioned.

During the presentation, Mr. Alain gave an overview of the functionalities offered by Deltab technology in our classrooms. "Without the use of a stylus, Deltab permits extremely precise automatic touch recognition that adapts to the object being used to write with. Contrary to other products available on the market, it can also be used with erasable markers as a traditional whiteboard. More importantly, we do no restrict any type of content on our whiteboards, which does not force school boards and their installations to solely use our products," Mr. Alain added.

Deltab offers numerous additional advantages that set it apart from the competition. "Deltab is also offered in a DURO version (with a porcelain surface) and with a 50 year warranty. Our whiteboard requires very little maintenance; it is a smart, long-term investment that offers significant savings of public funds meant for education," Mr. Alain mentioned.

Actab also took this opportunity to heartily express its support of the Mira Foundation. In fact, part of the proceeds from the sale of Deltab whiteboards will go toward fulfilling the Mira Foundation's important and necessary mission.

The official whiteboard of "Dictée PGL 2012", Deltab is designed in Victoriaville and manufactured by workers here in Quebec to meet the present and future needs of teachers and students. "Delta Products has been a proud partner of the education sector for 75 years. Our new division, Actab, is honoured to offer quality, high tech products designed and manufactured here in Quebec," concluded Mr. Alain, President of Delta Products and its division, Actab.

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