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February 03, 2015 08:00 ET

Actiance Alcatraz Delivers 10x the Performance of Traditional Archives

With Ten Times Faster Ingestion, Search and Export, Alcatraz Reduces the Time and Cost of eDiscovery

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2015) - (LegalTech New York 2015, Booth #2601) -- Actiance, the leader in compliance, security, archiving and eDiscovery for all critical business communications, announced today that Alcatraz has performance speeds 10 times those of traditional archives. With a unique architecture built using distributed computing, Alcatraz overcomes one of the primary drawbacks to traditional archives: the speed with which email and other communications can be ingested, searched and exported.

"Actiance is always pushing the frontier of innovation to allow companies and government agencies to get the most out of their email, messaging and collaboration applications," said Kailash Ambwani, President and CEO of Actiance. "Most archives being used today are built on old technology. On-premise archiving technology is at least 10 years old. Even most cloud-archives are at least 5 years old. In contrast, Alcatraz is built on the same distributed technologies used by today's leading online consumer applications. I'm excited about the dramatic performance and cost improvement our customers are seeing as a result."

Using Alcatraz, the time it takes to do searches "went not just from weeks to days but from weeks to hours," according to Jonathan Israel, IT Operations Manager for the Florida Bar, an organization that serves over 98,000 members and the general public. Moreover, "Alcatraz is the first product we've seen at The Florida Bar that can aggregate all data -- email, social media, IBM Connections, and moving forward even ECM content -- into a single repository."

"The limitations of today's archives are a direct result of the underlying technology that the system is constructed upon, from the platform and the index engine to the archive database. These technologies do not easily allow dynamic allocation of elastic computing resources to complete high priority tasks," states Scott Whitney, Vice President of Product Management at Actiance. "Alcatraz is different. We've architected it based on distributed computing, which allows for the parallel execution of several tasks to increase the overall throughput and performance."

10x Ingestion Rate

IT managers need to be able to collect and index the email, chat and social communications of their workforces in real-time to allow legal and compliance teams to be ready to respond to litigation or a regulatory audit. Alcatraz can ingest over 17 million messages per day (over 200 messages per second). Alternatively, it can be scaled further to meet the needs of the largest global organizations. These rates include indexing, a time intensive process for other archives, so data is ready to be searched within minutes.

10x Search Speed

Once data is archived, search speed is critical to allow investigators to meet production deadlines, avoid fines and protect their company brands. Alcatraz scales to meet the needs of today's largest organizations. Alcatraz's web-scale distributed architecture delivers a sub-second, Google-like search experience. Moreover, Alcatraz captures all forms of communications, not just email, and displays that data threaded in its original format, allowing investigators to save a substantial amount of collection and review time. 

10x Export Velocity

A final bottleneck in the eDiscovery workflow is the transfer of data from the archive to an eDiscovery platform for processing, analysis, review and production. Alcatraz helps organizations accelerate the process of eDiscovery and produces over 250 messages per second by retrieving, formatting and creating PST/NSF, EDRM XML or HTML files for export. The net result is that Alcatraz can export a million messages in minutes.

The days of scheduling search and production jobs overnight are gone.

Alcatraz, the archive for the NEXT 10 years™, improves how IT, legal and compliance manage archiving and eDiscovery with 10x faster ingestion, search and export than traditional archives. Alcatraz is the first Context Aware™ archive, where communications are preserved in context in an easy-to-view format to make review and eDiscovery faster and less costly.

Actiance's 10x performance improvement is based on data for traditional archives provided by Actiance customers and corroborated by our executives' industry experience.

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