Atrion International Inc.

Atrion International Inc.

April 24, 2008 03:00 ET

Actio & Atrion International Launch REACHtracker™

SaaS solution facilitates identification and management of supplier substance pre-registration and registration intentions under REACH legislation

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS--(Marketwire - April 24, 2008) - Actio, in partnership with Atrion International, today announced the availability of REACHtracker™, a SaaS solution for managing supply chain communication and substance inventory for pre-registration and registration obligations under Europe's new REACH legislation. REACHtracker™ enables companies to initiate supply chain cooperation by leveraging structured e-mail communications and secure on-line questionnaires that facilitate the otherwise complex, time-consuming process of gathering and managing supplier substance registration intentions - the critical first step towards REACH compliance.

"REACH poses significant supply chain risk for companies selling products and raw materials into and within the EU," stated Russ McCann, Actio's President. "If a company is unaware of the registration status of their raw materials, they could face manufacturing disruption or worse, prohibition. REACHtrackerTM eliminates this risk by providing a collaborative environment to capture substance data and REACH intentions, on an ongoing basis, throughout the supply chain."

REACHtracker™ enables companies to build email campaigns that direct suppliers to enter substance information and declare their REACH registration intentions via a secure on-line questionnaire that links directly into a substance information management database. The progress of each supplier can be tracked and follow-up e-mail campaigns can be conducted for non-responsive suppliers. REACHtracker™ also provides a dashboard to manage supplier contact information, as well as sophisticated parametric reporting tools that enable data to be rolled up into an unlimited number of custom reports. Once all substance information is collected, REACHtracker™ automatically generates and uploads pre-registration XML files.

"Atrion is very pleased to have been able to continue the collaborative nature of our partnership with Actio," said Patrick Lavoie, President at Atrion. "By providing Atrion's regulatory insight and market validation, REACHtracker™ is a viable REACH solution for companies facing the complexities of the European Union's REACH Legislation."

REACHtracker™ fully supports Verisign's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure security of data flow throughout the supply chain. The solution is also fully integrated with Atrion's Chemical Manager Solution enabling the automatic pre-screening and authorization of new chemicals, SDS management, inventory tracking using ERP systems, storage and dissemination of raw material information.

REACHtracker™ is currently available in both the North American and European Union and is co-marketed by Actio and Atrion International. REACHtracker™ is the REACH compliance module of the Atrion Product Compliance Solution, which is comprised of software products and expert regulatory content.


REACH is a substance-based regulation, which mandates that every substance used in the manufacture of an article or preparation must be identified and assessed. If greater than one ton is purchased or used, then the material must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). REACH obligations correlate directly to a company's REACH role within the supply chain. Typically a substance manufacturer would register the chemical so the downstream users can continue to use the substances in their products. If a supplier chooses not to register a particular substance, then the downstream customer must either register the substance themselves or discontinue use of the substance. The deadline for pre-registration is December 1st 2008.

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