June 29, 2015 11:15 ET

Action Cam by Sony Launches New Line-Up of 'Never Before Seen' Film Series

10 New Films Slated to Debut With Zach King Premiere

TOKYO, JAPAN--(Marketwired - June 29, 2015) - Action Cam by Sony today announced the continuation of its 'Never Before Seen' film series with a new line-up of original videos that begins today with the debut of Zach King's Invisible Man. The 'Never Before Seen' campaign empowers a diverse group of filmmakers, artists and creative leaders to capture and share dynamic stories in all forms. Each filmmaker used an Action Cam by Sony to bring their unique visions to life and inspire others through their imaginative forms of storytelling.

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Beginning today and running through October 31, Action Cam by Sony will debut 10 new 'Never Before Seen' films on the Action Cam by Sony YouTube channel. The first new film -- Invisible Man -- comes from filmmaker, Vine star, and YouTube personality Zach King. Invisible Man tells the story of how King takes an unusual stroll by utilizing visual illusion allowing people to see through him.

"As a leader in creativity, we wanted to enable these talented visionaries the opportunity to bring their captivating films to life and give viewers the chance to see what's possible," says Yoshiyuki Nogami, Senior General Manager of Marketing Division in Digital Imaging Business Group of Sony. "We're excited to share and connect people through these unique stories and inspire the next great filmmaker or artist through the Action Cam films being shared around the world."

The remaining 'Never Before Seen' videos released in the coming months will touch on a variety of subjects ranging from space exploration and the celebration of dance, to the culture of indigenous people and so much more. Greg Hackett's Thin Air takes viewers into extreme altitudes where consumer drones have never gone before. Jourdain May's Move celebrates the beauty of dance to the exquisite sound of the violin that challenges the clichés we expect of hip-hop. Duncan Winecoff's Inuit brings audiences inside a remote community that thrives in an environment of beauty and harsh conditions.

"The Action Cam by Sony provides filmmakers with advanced technology and video producing capabilities, putting the control of every artist's vision in their own hands to produce stunning results they can't get with any other camera," says Yoshiyuki Nogami.


Invisible Man Zach King June 29, 2015
Zach King creates a visual illusion that allows people to see right through him
Unspoken Jason Headley July 13, 2015
Mockumentary capturing the delicate dance between an overly-committed actor and a frustrated director
Move Jourdain May July 24, 2015
Hip-Hop Dancer Mela Murder teams up with violinist Damien Escobar in a performance that is breathtaking and surprising
Human Zoo Stinkdigital August 3, 2015
A day at the zoo takes on a whole new meaning in this short film made by animals
Get Ready Andrew Huang August 10, 2015
YouTube star and musician Andrew Huang captures unique angles and intimate moments by drawing music out of a mundane morning routine
Inuit Duncan Winecoff August 17, 2015
The juxtaposition of a beautiful land frozen year round and the people who thrive there
An Introduction To Rigging Linn Livijn Wexell, Harry Thompson September 1, 2015
A little imagination and some genuine curiosity, transform everyday objects in unique ways
Trampoline Julien Vallée, Eve Duhamel September 14. 2015
A trampoline becomes a colorful stage to capture an athlete's graceful movements as he flies through the air
Thin Air Greg Hackett October 5, 2015
A hand built drone push the limits of space odyssey and brazenly goes where no drone has before
The Room Ryan Dzierzek October 30, 2015
Through the creaky doors of an abandoned house, our curiosity will be peaked at what happens inside

Sony will be releasing additional diverse and creative 'Never Before Seen' films with Action Cam by Sony throughout the remainder of the year.

More detailed information about filmmakers and how they used the Action Cam by Sony to create their 'Never Before Seen' films can be found on the Never Before Seen website. The new content will also be posted directly at Action Cam by Sony YouTube Channel. To learn more about Action Cam by Sony, please refer to the Action Cam by Sony Product page.


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