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Active Broadband Networks

February 25, 2014 09:00 ET

Active Broadband Networks to Demonstrate Software-Defined Networking Solution for Integrated Broadband Access and Subscriber Service Control at the Open Networking Summit 2014

Broadband Access Controller and Programmable Broadband Gateway Platform Extend the Benefits of Programmability and Automation to the Broadband Edge

FRAMINGHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2014) -  Active Broadband Networks, an innovative supplier of software-defined networking solutions for broadband service delivery, today announced that it will demonstrate at the upcoming Open Networking Summit 2014 a software-defined networking (SDN) solution for integrated broadband access and subscriber service control. The demo will feature Active Broadband's Active Resource Manager (ARM), an SDN controller for subscriber-aware broadband service activation and control, and a new, Intel-based hardware platform for dynamically controlling subscriber traffic flows called a Programmable Broadband Gateway (PBG).

"Software-defined networking is driving the transition from configurable networks to programmable networks," said Adam Dunstan, CEO of Active Broadband. "The solution we are demonstrating allows broadband providers to extend the benefits of programmability and automation from the cloud out to the broadband edge in order to reduce the cost, increase the flexibility, and accelerate the pace of connecting subscribers to the cloud."

The ARM broadband access controller software collects network telemetry and subscriber service data from the PBG using the IPFIX protocol, which employs a highly efficient streaming mechanism, and is used to collect IP flow statistics and other types of information from network elements. This data is processed in real-time to monitor network conditions and subscriber traffic flows for a range of service management applications. The ARM performs broadband service activation and control by directly programming forwarding table entries in the PBG using the OpenFlow protocol (version 1.3). The high-performance ARM controller software runs on standard Linux-based servers, including virtual machine environments, and is highly scalable, having been successfully deployed in networks supporting millions of subscribers.

The PBG platform for the demonstration is a low-cost Ethernet switch based on a high-performance, I/O-optimized Intel Xeon reference design capable of throughput exceeding 160 Gbps. The switch software is Linux-based and takes advantage of Intel's Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), which is optimized to allow Intel processors to perform high-speed packet processing. Active Broadband's subscriber-aware fast-path software executes in Linux user space, allowing packet-processing performance comparable to proprietary hardware platforms based on custom ASICs.

Active Broadband's demonstration will take place at the Open Networking Summit 2014, Booth 703, March 3-5, 2014, in Santa Clara, CA.

About Active Broadband Networks
Active Broadband supplies innovative software-defined networking solutions for broadband access and subscriber service control that enable fixed-broadband providers to protect and grow revenues, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Founded in 2005, Active Broadband leverages a unique blend of networking and software expertise to allow operators to dynamically control service delivery at the broadband edge over cable, fiber, copper and wireless. The company's Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM) platform has been successfully deployed in the networks of leading operators in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America to implement a range of innovative, cost-effective subscriber service management solutions, including bandwidth and traffic management, accurate usage data collection and mediation, and prepaid broadband services.