SOURCE: Active Thermal Management

August 21, 2007 09:00 ET

Active Thermal Management Offers Gamers More Than 20 'Heat Seeking and Destroying' Products for Cooling Consoles

'Cool Answers to Hot Problems'

VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - Active Thermal Management (ATM), experts in quiet thermal protection solutions, is offering a full line of component cooling products for electronic gamers' hottest game installations. The protective ventilating solutions for home and gaming electronics from ATM number more than 20 separate devices; more with the many variations of wood designs and various component configurations also offered.

"You don't have to burn your hand to know that most of the power that goes into installed home electronic and gaming systems is dissipated as heat," said Frank Federman, ATM president. "Reducing heat issues and heat damage requires almost as many different solutions as there are custom installations. Regardless of the complexity of the system or the size of the console from small to large set-ups and even commercial gaming entertainment venues, we have the right components to compete with the heat."

ATM has the coolest stuff for the hottest gaming installations. The selection of solutions includes temperature lowering, life-extending, innovative devices that give a breath of fresh air to cramped components and damaging heat-capturing enclosures. Most components are designed and tested to run in well-ventilated areas. Unfortunately, as real-world set-ups are installed and gaming appetites grow, even the addition of a few extra components in a compact area without adequate airflow greatly affects the dynamics of the environment.

Heat production shortens the life and performance of expensive components and can cause damage and heat dangers to cabinet enclosures, walls, and shelving. ATM produces a full spectrum of products that quietly and efficiently replace hot air with room-temperature air for keeping game consoles safe, cool, and competitive.

ATM has the answers to home or professional heat-related problems. All of the current system and kit products for cooling even the hottest gaming application installations are available now and can be previewed on ATM's website at

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