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June 05, 2007 09:00 ET

Active Voice Announces First Ever Unified Messaging VideoMail Technology

Active Voice Adds Visual Dimension to the World of Messaging Through Revolutionary New Feature in Next Generation Flagship Solution

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) - Active Voice, LLC, a global provider of voice mail, unified communications and speech-activated solutions, today unveiled a snapshot of its next generation flagship Unified Messaging (UM) solution by announcing VideoMail, the first-of-its-kind solution that will be an integrated component of Kinesis* 3.0.

With VideoMail, users will be able to create and deliver video messages and screen captures via e-mail. Moreover, users will be able to record and playback voice and video messages from their Outlook client. Users will also choose to create a video with a camera or record an animated screen capture, or both. The flexibility of VideoMail also enables audio files created during video capture to be accessed and played back via phone.

"Active Voice is excited to offer this first-of-its-kind VideoMail feature to the global business community," said Eyal Inbar, General Manager, Marketing, Active Voice. "We understand there has been an evolution in how people prefer to communicate, and we have built a revolutionary means to enable people to communicate visually better than ever before. For the individual, activating VideoMail means a much richer -- yet easier -- communication experience. For the organization, VideoMail means a much quicker turnaround time on open issues being addressed through messaging. The end result is noticeable for both types of user. It means increased productivity, and significant time savings at no additional cost."

Active Voice's VideoMail technology can be used by a range of enterprises, including medical facilities, real estate establishments, engineering firms and business centers to facilitate training, maintenance and repair, direct marketing applications, non real-time collaboration, internal communications and presentations, and field news reporting. For training, VideoMail can provide pre-recorded instructional information to clients, customers, colleagues and others. For specific troubleshooting problems, VideoMail can provide customized solutions from field repair personnel, auto mechanics or IT administrators. For example, a user experiencing an application problem on his or her computer traditionally requires the direct support of an IT administrator to remotely access the user's computer in order to try and solve the problem. With VideoMail, the user can streamline the trouble-shooting process by capturing in real-time the issue he or she is faced with, and send it to IT support. The IT administrator can then view the message at his or her convenience, and be better armed to diagnose the problem.

VideoMail also enables collaboration with partners and colleagues in a non real-time setting with any application. For example, a web designer using a web authoring package to develop a web page animation can capture a live interaction of the site using VideoMail screen capture capability, and then the web designer can e-mail the message to the customer. To play the video, the recipient only requires a streaming video application that is available for free on the Internet or from their client operating system.

"With VideoMail, users can communicate unlike ever before with one-stop access to audio and visual video messages from one common system. Information rich messages that combine video, voice, and screen animation capture can now be easily created and delivered as one e-mail. This ultimately saves time from having to dial into a standard phone, key in a password and listen to each message sequentially," said Mitch Kruse, Senior Product Manager, Active Voice. "Users can now sift through messages and go directly to the ones they want to check using their e-mail-equipped devices. VideoMail will take us to a whole new era for visual communications, as it enables us to be more efficient, productive and intelligent -- in and out of the office."

Other features of Active Voice's VideoMail include, but are not limited to:

--  Ability for the sender to create a succinct and simple way to
    communicate complex information that requires a long e-mail or a voice
    message through a visual approach;
--  Ability to send compressed files at the size of a standard e-mail or
    voicemail; and
--  Ability for the receiver of the file to activate the audio voicemail
    files only, or activate full video files from his or her PDA or computer.
Inbar added, "Our overarching goal with Active Voice VideoMail is to provide the user with a faster, more reliable, and easier way to communicate to their audiences, and we are confident that this innovative new feature will do so for thousands of users."

Active Voice's VideoMail will be generally available through the next generation of Kinesis; available in July 2007.

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