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November 12, 2007 08:00 ET

ActiveSymbols Announces First Search Platform for Facial Recognition, Image Detection, and Video Copyright Surveillance

Patent-Pending Eyealike Visual Search (VS) Platform Goes Beyond Words to Increase the Speed, Scale, and Relevancy of Searching for People, Images, and Video Collections Online

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - ActiveSymbols, an innovator of visual-based search, today announced the Eyealike Visual Search (VS) platform as the first enterprise search solution for facial recognition, image detection, and video copyright surveillance. The patent-pending Eyealike VS platform takes a new image-to-image search approach and offers the deepest and most automated analysis of digital images and videos. Instead of relying solely on keywords and text, Eyealike VS is specifically designed to analyze online objects, delivering unprecedented speed, scale, and relevancy for helping consumers connect to the rising tide of digital media.

"Today's search engines were designed from the ground up to retrieve images based on keywords from captions or in context to an article. While this approach works well for retrieving alphanumeric data, it is inadequate on many occasions for rich digital media because these keywords do not always correlate with the actual objects found in the images," said Linda Shapiro, professor at the University of Washington. "A better solution requires analyzing the actual images to correctly identify the objects, their appearances, and their spatial relationships. Only ActiveSymbols, with its unique similarity and matching technology, is at the forefront of making these major advances in visual-based search."

Today's Search Technologies Built for Words

Consumer search leaders like Google and enterprise search leaders such as Autonomy have done a good job at making content searchable for consumers via keywords. However, the traditional text-based models are not naturally designed for image-based search and retrieval because they rely on rich hyperlinks, anchor tags, metadata, path names, font size, and page formatting to deliver results. While vast improvements have been made to make rich media content searchable, the current model of relying on humans to bias algorithms, tag, describe, and classify images will not scale as more photos, videos, and other forms of rich media find their way online.

Eyealike Built for Visual-Based Search

Following four years of proprietary research & development supplemented by unique technologies and expertise from the University of Washington, Eyealike's strength lies in its image recognition and multi-relevance weighting algorithm for exact and similarity matching. Designed to automatically index, filter, and effectively connect consumers to relevant public or private image and video collections from multiple devices, the Eyealike VS platform offers the most sophisticated combination of visual- and text-based search. This combination enables image and object recognition, text recognition, and biometrics for facial recognition.

"Our core mission is to dramatically advance the way consumers search, find, and access people, images, and other rich media content online, whether they're at their home or work PC or using their cell phone," said Greg Heuss, president of ActiveSymbols. "Text-based search isn't going away anytime soon, but we no longer live in a world where it will suffice. Visual-based search is the future and our goal is to power Websites that need to connect their consumers to rich media in a more meaningful and powerful way."

The Eyealike VS platform includes three key modules: Eyealike Face Search, Eyealike Image Detection, and Eyealike Video Copyright Surveillance. All Eyealike VS platform modules will be available on-demand or as licensed software and offer a scalable and modular approach that gives companies the flexibility to meet today and tomorrow's visual search needs. There's no need to replace current technology or a Web site front end because the platform easily integrates with existing Website keyword and attribute-based search systems. In addition, the platform is compatible with any Windows or Linux server and is optimized to work on Windows and Mac computers as well as most mobile and smart phones.

Eyealike Face Search: Revolutionizing the Online Dating World

The company's first product, Eyealike Face Search, offers a sophisticated facial recognition methodology that will revolutionize the online dating world's archaic search methods, turning them into a media rich image search environment that online daters have been yearning for years. Searching on today's most popular online dating sites such as and, users are faced with the dilemma of trying to find that special someone via descriptive tag words such as blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, etc. That method of "searching" for the person you are physically attracted to will soon be in the past. The Eyealike Face Search algorithm evaluates the complete geometry of the face, including skin tone, eyes, hair color, texture and length as well as hundreds of other relevant data points.

The public beta for Eyealike Face Search is available at Beta participants can upload their photo and discover which celebrity they look like or users can search through multiple online dating public databases to find dating prospects who look like popular celebrities such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, and more. For online daters, this means they can find a date based on physical attraction perimeters and avoid the typical challenges that face many online daters -- "He was really nice, but I just wasn't attracted to him."

The Eyealike Image Detection and Eyealike Video Copyright Surveillance products are currently in private beta. To participate in these private beta programs, send an email to

About ActiveSymbols

At the forefront of visual-based search, ActiveSymbols offers the first enterprise-class search platform for facial recognition, image detection, and video copyright surveillance. Based on unique patent-pending technology, the Eyealike Visual Search Platform offers an entirely new approach that will dramatically advance the way people search, find, and access people, images, and other rich media content. Following four years of extensive research and development supplemented by sophisticated technologies from the University of Washington, ActiveSymbols offers a modular approach that gives companies the flexibility to meet today and tomorrow's visual search needs. Visit for more information.

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