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October 20, 2008 08:14 ET

ActivIdentity Realigns to Address ID 360 Market Segments

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - October 20, 2008) - ActivIdentity, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACTI), a global leader in identity assurance and credential management, today announced its new market focus and approach in smart identity solutions. The new strategy is addressing the key ID 360 market-driving sectors: Employer-to-Employee, Business-to-Customer, and Government-to-Citizen, which collectively represent multi-billion dollar markets and provide exponential growth opportunities for ActivIdentity.

Under ActivIdentity's new solutions strategy, the company will leverage its identity assurance platform and credential management system to apply a common approach to registration / enrollment, authentication, authorization, auditing, credential issuance / management, and use of credentials across each of the ID 360 market segments. This approach takes into account that organizations in all ID 360 market segments require the assurance of a trusted chain of identity that allows them to conduct their day-to-day business in the digital age with the same level of confidence as face-to-face transactions.

Though identities may be repeatedly captured, verified, enrolled, used, and tracked by disparate systems with little interaction, ActivIdentity's identity assurance platform allows organizations to leverage the relative trust levels of the credentials and use the same security infrastructure across diverse user communities (e.g. citizens, employees, contractors, partners, suppliers, and customers) and applications (e.g. driver's license, employee ID badge, remote access token, supplier procurement access portal).

"Today's announcement of ActivIdentity winning the Queensland Transport Smart Card Driver's License Project is proof for the viability of our new strategy and positions our company to address broad market opportunities of how the world today is issuing and using digital identities. This win allows ActivIdentity to focus and deliver on its core technology assets of identity assurance and credential management, leveraging our government-strength technology and 200 plus patents to deliver strategic market advantages and leadership position for the company," said Grant Evans, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ActivIdentity.

In today's virtual world it is fundamental to protect an organization's information infrastructures and data effectively at any time. In such an environment one's actual identity requires constant identity assurance and a life-time of secure management. Without a managed digital identity, identity remains susceptible to compromise, misrepresentation and fraud. By extending the fabric of identity assurance, ActivIdentity opens large cross-market opportunities to enlist smart credentials for new applications such as mobile security, financial services, on-line and industry commerce, government-issued credentials for driver's licenses, voter registration, national IDs and secure passports.

Sally Hudson, Research Director of Security Products and Services at IDC, states, "The timing is finally right in the overall market for identity consolidation and single source management. Heretofore, much of the technology and the politics were immature. The Queensland government deployment is market changing for ActivIdentity and for the whole identity assurance market."

ActivIdentity has been a pioneer of the identity assurance market and is a key supporter and driver of standards in this technology area, engaging with global standards bodies such as GlobalPlatform, ISO and ANSI. Furthermore, ActivIdentity's new approach to identity assurance embraces a wide variety of authentication devices and authentication methods. Whether an organization uses a smart card, soft token, hard token, USB token, or mobile phone -- all are enrolled, issued a certificate, and then managed through their life-cycles via ActivIdentity's identity assurance platform.

With over 200 patents granted and pending, ActivIdentity intellectual property defines identity assurance as it is know in the world today. Consequently, the company is well positioned to truly work with organizations in a collaborative manner and guarantee product roadmaps that result from the fact that ActivIdentity has full control over its IP. Licensed and used across the industry and underlying digital identity credentials, products and services, ActivIdentity's IP renders its core technology unassailable in its ability for interface, interaction and ultimate security.

About ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity Inc. has provided identity assurance and credential management solutions to enterprise, government, and financial services organizations worldwide for more than a decade. Trusted identity is the core of the ActivIdentity platform, enabling secure credential management.

ActivIdentity customers experience multiple benefits including increased digital and physical security, protection against on-line fraud, enhanced business process efficiencies, secure access to digital assets, and a pathway to regulatory compliance.

Headquartered in Fremont, CA (USA), ActivIdentity develops products in the United States, Australia, and France, and has sales and technical service centers in more than ten countries. Millions of users worldwide rely on ActivIdentity identity assurance and credential management system to address growing internal and external identity risks. For more information, visit

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