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November 21, 2013 14:44 ET

ActivMotion Bar™ Launches Complete Exercise Video Series Using Its Exclusive Disruptive Training™ Modality

It's a New Responsive Fitness Tool for Better, Faster, Smarter Total Body Results and Now an Entirely New Way to Train

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - November 21, 2013) - ActivMotion Bar™, the revolutionary new exercise bar with internal rolling steel weights, just released its complete set of seven workout videos using its original new Disruptive Training™ modality to maximize the effectiveness of this new fitness tool.

The videos use Disruptive Training developed exclusively for the ActivMotion Bar to provide a system of progressively challenging circuit exercises that disrupt, discover and define the user's muscles for more effective workouts. Every exercise works to improve mind-muscle connection, balance and core strength. The series includes six programs for home-users and one for trainers, and showcases ActivMotion Bar inventor and NASM, CSCS, NPTI trainer Derek Mikulski, renowned international fitness expert and Master Trainer Robert Sherman, and renowned national fitness expert and Master Trainer Andrea Metcalf. 

Derek Mikulski, founder, ActivMotion Bar and co-creator, Disruptive Training 

"Results with any workout program are about proper form and engagement. Disruptive Training with ActivMotion Bar lets you FEEL and HEAR the weighted bar as you train -- this is different from anything on the market today. It is training with intuitive biofeedback to correct movements and continually enhance workouts. No other exercise program or tool is as responsive to you. This comprehensive video series brings a fresh, new exercise paradigm to the home-user and trainer marketplaces through the industry's top fitness experts. It's a new tool and a new way to train -- a faster way to build smarter muscles."

Robert Sherman, co-creator, Disruptive Training

"The Disruptive Training modality we developed for ActivMotion Bar is based on the science of muscle activation, the integration of movement and the reaction to momentum and force. It's a progressive exercise program that takes full advantage of the fact that you're always actively stabilizing your body. As you train with the videos, the unique properties of the bar keep you fully focused on how your body is performing each exercise. That's why we refer to it as 'disruptive'. It disrupts your normal movement patterns with sensory feedback to improve your quality of movement, which means faster results as you react and learn to control and execute each exercise with precision." 

The new workout video series includes: (available at

Foundation Builder Workout - Level 1 (for home-use)

  • 30-minute circuit based program helps beginners burn calories and fat, tone muscles and strengthen the core using the ActivMotion Bar to disrupt, discover and define their muscles for effective workouts.

Progressive Movement Workout - Level 2 (for home-use)

  • 30-minute fat burning circuit with more intense, dynamic exercises to help beginners to advanced exercisers build smart muscles for a lean, streamlined body and improved balance and mind-muscle connection.

Dynamic Performance Workout - Level 3 (for home-use)

  • 30-minute amplified circuit to coax out the inner athlete in the advanced exerciser through large, athletic-based movements that challenge the body from all different directions and angles.

Total Body Toning (for home-use)

  • National fitness expert Andrea Metcalf performs three 10-minute workouts (that can combine for 20- and 30-minute workouts) that blend fluid and dynamic exercises to work the small and large muscle groups and core to improve overall fitness and balance.

Fit at Any Age (for home-use)

  • National fitness expert Andrea Metcalf performs three 10-minute circuits (that can combine for 20- and 30-minute workouts) to build strength, improve balance and mind-muscle awareness, and enhance flexibility and core strength for active aging adults who want to stay functionally fit, mentally sharp, lean and toned.

Golf Fitness (for home-use)

  • Golf fitness Pro Dave Davis and ActivMotion Bar inventor Derek Mikulski perform a 12-minute golf-specific routine and a 30-minute Foundation Builder Workout to help players at any level create a powerful, stable core and increase their range of motion which will translate into greater swing distances along with increased accuracy and flexibility.

ActivMotion Bar Training System (for trainers)

  • National fitness expert Robert Sherman, through the ActivMotion Bar Teaching Excellence program, introduces trainers to the Disruptive Training modality that progressively challenges habitual movement patterns to stimulate the activation of underactive and weak muscles. This program includes a workout, a Teaching Excellence orientation, an introduction to the ActivMotion Bar by inventor Derek Mikulski, and a movement library of 27 30-second exercises trainers can use to design client workouts or circuits.

About ActivMotion Bar

The ActivMotion Bar, an Innovative Xercise Solutions LLC brand, was developed by NASM, CSCS, NPTI trainer Derek Mikulski to introduce disruption into the traditional workout. It engages multiple senses with internal rolling steel weights that ignite the mind to work with the muscles to actively stabilize during each exercise. This provides a "hear it. feel it. see it." new way of working out that simultaneously challenges the core and the small and large muscle groups for a firmer, stronger body. Taking today's functional core training, athletic performance and active adult balance training fitness trends to the next level, ActivMotion Bar combines exercise science, personal training expertise and innovative thinking around form and function for an engaging, smart and dynamic workout experience.

About Disruptive Training

Disruptive Training developed exclusively for the ActivMotion Bar is a new, intelligent way to work out that disrupts normal movement patterns to activate and strengthen underactive muscles. It's based on using the body's reaction to an unstable disruptive training stimulus (the ActivMotion Bar) which provides a multi-sensory experience that engages the user immediately and transforms the workout to create "smarter" muscles and better, faster results. This three-pronged approach to training lets users disrupt, discover and define their muscles to enhance their workouts. During the "disrupt" phase, users are improving movement quality, sensing imbalance and correcting it, understanding the connection between the bar, the body and the mind, and activating muscles that are typically underactive. During the "discover" phase, users branch outside their body's center while lying on the floor and standing to perform movement patterns and exercise sequences that integrate the body with the bar. And, lastly during the "define" phase, users perform big dynamic movements that begin to fully define and shape the body as they engage muscles to react to the fullest degree with challenging movements that incorporate momentum, velocity and resistance. 

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