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September 27, 2013 10:00 ET

ActivMotion Bar™ Uses Internal Rolling Weights to Disrupt Exercise Experience

Leading Fitness Experts Enlisted to Launch Education Program; ActivMotion Bar™, Formerly TNT Core Bar, Challenges Exercisers to Engage Their Mind and Body for Completely Different Experience

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - September 27, 2013) - At the opening of this morning's 2013 Empower conference, the ActivMotion Bar was introduced to leading trainers from across the country. The ActivMotion Bar, previously branded as the TNT Core Bar, addresses core stability, balance and strength training during a customized exercise regimen. To challenge balance and stability, it generates momentum in the direction of the bar's movement with internal rolling weights that can be felt and heard, different than anything currently available on the market. The multisensory experience this motion creates disrupts the user's workout, which forces the body to react and adjust to the training stimulus continuously.

ActivMotion Bar has partnered with three leading fitness experts to roll out its national education platform to industry professionals and consumers. The team includes Robert Sherman, a nationally recognized group fitness expert; Andrea Metcalf, a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry focusing on healthy lifestyles; and Greg Niederlander, an internationally recognized trainer of trainers and leading strength and conditioning expert. In addition, international fitness expert and the former fitness director for Shape magazine, Linda Shelton, will be working with ActivMotion Bar to produce a series of educational training videos, consumer content and golf training videos that demonstrate proper technique for trainers and consumers.

Key Facts:

  • The ActivMotion Bar has received outstanding reviews in the Los Angeles Times and The Cleveland Plain Dealer for the results that have been achieved by users.
  • As a personal trainer, Derek Mikulski, inventor of the ActivMotion Bar, saw a need for unstable training using the upper body, which was not currently available.
  • The ActivMotion Bar is available in five different weights ranging from 6 lbs. to 18 lbs. The bars are available at
  • The ActivMotion Bar Training™ focuses on three principles:
    • Disrupt user's typical movement patterns by activating and strengthening underutilized muscles.
    • Discover how to coordinate movement through the user's core and extremities, building better mind-muscle connectivity.
    • Define movement patterns of the user's body by combining activation and integration into exercises that challenge all kinesthetic systems in a high intensity manner, improving most aspects of fitness.
    • ActivMotion Bar Training includes specific exercises for optimal results. The movements can be found at

Supporting Quote:

Derek Mikulski, Inventor and Certified Fitness Trainer

"When I developed the ActivMotion Bar and ActivMotion Training, I was looking for a new way for my clients to disrupt their workouts and be laser focused on their functional core. By designing a product with internal rolling weights, we reached that goal and I can't wait to get it in the hands of fitness professionals and consumers. Every time I put the bar in the hands of a fitness professional, they are amazed by the impact the ActivMotion Bar has on their workout and they are excited to incorporate the exercises into training their clients."

"To introduce the ActivMotion Bar to the fitness industry, we engaged with best-in-class trainers. Andrea, Greg and Robert immediately saw that we had something special with the ActivMotion Bar. With their help, our goal is to capture the interest of trainers and consumers from around the world to disrupt their workout for better results." 

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ABOUT The ActivMotion Bar™

The ActivMotion Bar, an Innovative Xercise Solutions, LLC (IXS) brand, was developed by certified trainer Derek Mikulski and was designed to introduce disruption to the traditional workout. The bar goes beyond the traditional weighted bar by adding internal rolling weights that force the body to balance before continuing with the intended exercise. It was created to address today's fitness trends -- functional core training, athletic performance and active adult balance training. By combining knowledge of exercise science with personal fitness training expertise and innovative thinking regarding materials and functionality, the ActivMotion Bar offers a functional, fun, and dynamic workout experience.

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