Activplant Corporation

Activplant Corporation

June 12, 2006 16:07 ET

Activplant Breaks New Ground with Throughput Analyzer

LONDON, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - June 12, 2006) -

Next-generation tool will help manufacturers save significantly on operating costs

Activplant, the standard in performance management solutions for the world's leading manufacturers, today announced the general release of the ActivApplications - Throughput Analyzer, a strategic application within the Activplant Performance Management System (APMS). A key component of this application is the introduction of the patent pending Throughput Capability Metric, which uses information captured from the automation layer in the plant to identify and qualify a resource's current performance against the overall plant Takt Time, a measure used to match the pace of work to the average pace of customer demand. The Throughput Analyzer is designed to help customers identify which resources are constraining the product flow within high volume discrete manufacturing facilities, enabling them to resolve problems immediately and achieve the best possible improvements in plant performance.

The Throughput Analyzer is the first in the company's line of ActivApplications, a new suite of next-generation applications that draw upon the capabilities of the APMS. Based upon the Toyota Production System, a framework for organizing manufacturing facilities with the goal of eliminating waste, and Eliyahu M. Goldratt's Theory of Constraints, a body of knowledge on effective management of organizations as systems, the Throughput Analyzer makes it simple for manufacturers to identify those key constraints which most impact the bottom line.

"Manufacturers need to be able to improve plant performance by eliminating bottlenecks one constraint at a time," commented Greg Gorbach, Vice President, Collaborative Manufacturing at ARC Advisory Group. "By focusing directly on true constraints, Activplant's Throughput Analyzer brings a higher level of clarity to manufacturing operations and can significantly improve efficiency on the plant floor."

Unlike other Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), the Throughput Analyzer needs to capture just four loss categories - quality, speed, downtime and uptime - in order to pinpoint key bottlenecks on the plant floor. Moreover, this commercial off-the-shelf application captures data directly from shop floor devices and systems (e.g. MES or quality systems), which is closer to where problems occur. Simplifying this process helps manufacturers realize efficiencies much faster than has ever been possible before.

"Manufacturers are looking for solutions that quickly and easily identify key constraints so that they can protect their bottom line," said Ted Williams, Activplant Chief Executive Officer. "With this in mind, we developed the Throughput Analyzer, to offer customers a unique off-the-shelf, root cause analysis solution which will deliver a high return on their investment in weeks rather than years."

The Throughput Analyzer will be available for general release on June 15, 2006. For information, please visit

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