Actual iD

Actual iD

October 14, 2015 12:11 ET

Actual iD Chooses the BioConnect Identity Management Platform to Manage Biometrics in the Cloud

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 14, 2015) - Actual iD announced today that it has selected Entertech Systems' BioConnect as its identity platform to manage biometric templates for its cloud-based time and attendance application. Actual iD solves a common pain point among many businesses: how to vastly improve the capture of time and attendance data of their employees… and do so in a way that delivers immediate payroll cost reductions back to the company.

BioConnect is an industry-first identity management platform that enables the use of biometrics within a variety of third-party applications. For Actual iD, BioConnect provides the necessary platform to deliver a robust, scalable and reliable application to its customers.

"BioConnect provides the necessary capability to allow Actual iD to deliver significant incremental business value to our Customers. The advanced template management capability allows the simple management of biometric templates across multiple locations and devices. We have focused on building a simple-to-use application that is based on users' true identity - only available through biometrics. BioConnect is the key ingredient to realize that goal," stated Jeff Crews, President of Actual iD Inc.

"We continue to see increased adoption of BioConnect across our growing list of industry partners. Our unique flexible plug-in architecture allows Actual iD to integrate biometrics into its core offering seamlessly," added Chris Alexander, BioConnect Product Manager at Entertech Systems Inc.

Actual iD's cloud-based time and attendance application includes fingerscan time clocks to eliminate the potential for time theft or buddy punching - resulting in immediate payroll cost reductions over and above efficiency gains in the payroll process. Actual iD works with a business' unique requirements for scheduling, managing overtime, dealing with exceptions and providing alerts through real-time visibility of staff. Customers use it to track busy service departments, manufacturing floors, reception, administration, sales, and manage employees in a single building or across multiple locations in a business. The application goes beyond time and attendance management to include HR functionality to effectively manage vacations and sick time off as well as compliance with state or provincial labor laws for issues like mandatory breaks and overtime that vary regionally.

About Actual iD

Actual iD builds simple to use time and attendance solutions for business owners with multiple locations to manage the "true identity" of people, eliminating the management of approximation technologies such as punch cards, time clocks or PINs. The Actual iD team is focused on solving the unique challenges of business owners managing multiple locations with 2 to 100 locations. The company delivers a measurable return on investment to business at a reasonable monthly cost. The cloud-based application provides secure remote access and storage and combines with the highest performing biometric clocks available worldwide - delivering an end-to-end solution based on the "true identity" of its users. It is completely customizable to the operation of a business, right down to the departmental level; use it to manage time and attendance and automate payroll administration for greater efficiency. Configurable alerts for employees and managers help manage teams in real-time, with cloud-based access anywhere, anytime. For more information, visit

About BioConnect

BioConnect from Entertech Systems Inc. is the most advanced identity management platform on the global market today and the only one that considers the impact of the rapid growth in the biometrics industry. With its integrations with 20 of the leading access control manufacturers in the world, the platform allows its customers to leverage tomorrow's BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) solutions with today's world via physical access control and other third party applications. It provides seamless synchronization of data such as new cardholders, changes and deletions, and is tailor-made for enterprises where true identity is critical for secure access to physical facilities and software applications. For more information visit

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