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April 17, 2012 10:00 ET

Acupuncture-Certified Chiropractor Gives Ellisville Patients an Advanced Treatment Option

ELLISVILLE, MO--(Marketwire - Apr 17, 2012) - Ellisville chiropractor Dr. Leonard Suiter is certified to provide acupuncture treatments for patients suffering from chronic pain and other conditions. Dr. Suiter, who runs the Ellisville-Suiter Chiropractic Center, earned certification after extensive training to become an acupuncturist. He treats patients with neck pain, back pain and headaches using a combination of spinal adjustments and the ancient Chinese treatment. Dr. Suiter says that although this practice has been considered standard medical procedure throughout Asia for thousands of years, western scientific studies are starting to discover the physical mechanisms behind how acupuncturists are able to relieve pain with needles.

According to Dr. Suiter, acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of medical problems. "For thousands of years, they have used it to treat everything from back pain, headaches, neck pain and depression to fatigue, infertility and overcoming habits like smoking. Now I have patients coming in looking for natural healing methods for their pain." Dr. Suiter says that the vast majority of his patients receive a combination of chiropractic spinal adjustments along with acupuncture. His patients report little to no discomfort from the needles, while expressing satisfaction at the level of pain relief they experience.

The Ellisville chiropractor cites several recent scientific studies that are starting to unveil the mechanisms behind what many in the west still see as a mysterious Chinese medical practice. A study from the University of Michigan used brain imaging technology to record nervous system activity while an acupuncturist applied needles to traditional points along patients' skin. The tests showed that the needles enhanced the ability of pain-dampening areas in the brain to relive pain to various areas of the body. A University of Rochester Medical Center study also showed molecular changes touched off by the needles that induced the brain to increase production of endorphins, which are the body's natural painkillers. According to Dr. Suiter, this is good news for patients looking for drug-free pain relief solutions.

The chiropractor adds that while some of his patients are initially hesitant to try this treatment, the vast majority of them are converted to the idea once they have experienced a session. Aside from experiencing pain relief from the practice, they are relieved to find out that all of his acupuncturist's needles are FDA-approved and fully sterilized. The needles are only about as wide as a thick strand of human hair.

Dr. Suiter explains that his skills as a certified acupuncturist mesh well with his chiropractic care. "My goal is to address the root causes behind people's pain, not just deal with isolated symptoms and mask them with painkillers. That is also the focus of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And the proof is in the patients: they feel a sense of wellness and are more energized after treatment than before."

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