November 18, 2010 09:00 ET

Ad Targeting Technology Firm NetSeer Launches General Availability of ContextLinks

Relevant Search Suggestions Pre-Qualify Audiences to Drive Clickthrough Rates of up to 80 Percent and Deliver Incremental Revenue for Publishers

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) - NetSeer, Inc., a technology company focused on next generation concept-based ad targeting solutions, today announced the general availability of ContextLinks, a solution to create an incremental revenue stream for publishers. ContextLinks appear as contextually relevant text based search suggestions on a website, and by inferring search intent from the dynamic page content on the site, help convert passive browsers to active searchers.

ContextLinks are designed to utilize existing white space on a page or as an option for monetizing remnant display inventory. Appearing as navigational units on a page and serving relevant suggestions tied to an article or content, ContextLinks acts as a tool for the user to further discover information while browsing. When a user clicks on a suggested topic, they arrive at the sponsored search results response page on the topic of interest. 

"The core proposition of ContextLinks is its ability to give the user added value, extending the content of a site by offering relevant, high quality links," said Bill Matthews, VP Business Development at NetSeer. "The relevance of the suggestions generated by NetSeer encourages more user engagement, optimizing the click-through revenue for publishers and building user loyalty."

ContextLinks has been in a limited market release but traffic has shown an increase in clickthrough rates of 40 to 80 percent. User feedback has been extensively incorporated into the current version. Enhancements include:

  • Fully customizable units
  • Ability to add images to search results
  • Ability to supplement sponsored results with organic results, providing recirculation of users back to your site
  • Integration into email newsletters

"By providing sponsored search results within NetSeer experiences, Yahoo! is helping deliver relevant experiences for consumers, while at the same time enabling improved monetization for publishers," said Finnegan Faldi, VP, Partnerships and Operations for Yahoo!. "As part of our strategy to weave Yahoo! experiences, content and advertising throughout the Web ecosystem, we're excited to complement NetSeer's new yield optimization tool with the relevance of Yahoo! Search advertising."

"ContextLinks offers a way to drive additional revenue from our site without degrading the user experience, and indeed, offering them an enhanced utility," said Bill Phelan, CEO, BrightHub. "As the content on our site is consistently evolving, we have been delighted with the flexibility and customizability of ContextLinks to change along with the site. NetSeer's hands-on account management has made the implementation and integration a seamless process and we have been pleased with our experience."

About NetSeer
NetSeer, Inc. is an ad technology company that determines user intent from a web page with the same accuracy as traditional search. NetSeer's breakthrough technology has delivered measurable gains in online ad performance previously unattainable in Internet advertising. NetSeer received its initial funding in 2007 from Onset Ventures and Mission Ventures. The company is located in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, please visit

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