SOURCE: Adaptec

July 10, 2006 08:30 ET

Adaptec and Seagate Join Forces on Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Channel Education Initiative

Seagate Resellers Deploy Unified Serial Solutions With Adaptec SAS RAID Controllers

MILPITAS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 10, 2006 -- Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT), a global leader in storage solutions, today announced that Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) has combined Unified Serial™ Controllers from Adaptec with its own Cheetah 15K 146GB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives to deliver a comprehensive SAS Evaluation Kit to Seagate system builders and resellers. Adaptec Unified Serial™ Controllers -- the Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS and 4805SAS -- support both Serial ATA and SAS disk drives to provide system builders with the most flexibility in meeting broad customer application requirements as well as varying performance, capacity and price levels.

"The Adaptec 4800 and 4805 SAS RAID controllers are absolutely key to my storage solution. The ability to use one controller during assembly streamlines my whole manufacturing process by giving me the option to populate the hot swap bays with either SATA drives, SAS drives or a combination of the two, along with external JBOD expandability," said Jim Hatch, chief technology officer of IZON Technologies, a high-performance video surveillance manufacturer located in Massachusetts. "This provides significant savings in labor and support costs by basically allowing me to build one type of storage appliance with outstanding performance and virtually unlimited configuration options. At the end of the day, that enables my company to provide the customer a more robust, flexible, and reliable storage solution at the most reasonable cost."

The Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS and 4805SAS are part of a new family of Unified Serial Controllers from Adaptec that have been extensively tested and optimized to work with low-cost, high-capacity Serial ATA disk drives, high-performance SAS disk drives or a combination of both. Adaptec Unified Serial Controllers leverage the same software management interface to manage RAID data volumes, disk utilization, provisioning, diagnostics and storage expansion populated with SATA and SAS drive types. These solutions also offer the industry's most advanced data protection features, including dual disk drive failure protection (RAID 6) and hot space (RAID 5EE). By choosing both the 4800SAS and 4805SAS, Seagate is giving its resellers a choice between the PCI-X or PCI Express (PCIe) interface.

"Standardizing on a Unified Serial Controller is a sound business strategy for system builders such as emerging leader IZON Technologies who want to maximize the performance, scalability, and flexibility of the solutions they sell today, and also leave the door open for an upgrade in the future when the customer's needs change," said Tim Connolly, vice president of marketing for the Data Protection Solutions Group at Adaptec. "Adaptec has done extensive compatibility testing with both Seagate Cheetah and Barracuda ES drives, ensuring that resellers can quickly take advantage of the benefits of a Unified Serial Architecture including expanded deployment opportunities and long term investment protection."

About the Adaptec 4800SAS and 4805SAS Controller

The Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS is an eight-port controller with PCI-X host interface and the 4805SAS is an eight-port controller with PCIe host interface. Both controllers can support up to eight SAS or SATA drives or up to 128 disk drives using SAS expanders. With two internal x4 SAS connectors and one external connector, users can take advantage of flexible configuration options that allow them to select either internal or external scalability depending on the application.

Each controller comes with standard RAID levels (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, and RAID 50) as well as advanced RAID 6 (Dual Drive Failure Protection), RAID 5EE (Hot Space), RAID 1E (Striped Mirror) features. To simplify management, Copyback Hot Spare is also included for increased automation of designated hot spare drives. Companies can choose to purchase the optional Snapshot Backup software key for creating point-in-time copies of data.

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*One gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environment and formatting.