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March 05, 2008 10:06 ET

Adaptis Deploys Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to Maximize Efficiency for Growth

Job Scheduler Combines With Industry Standard Claim Processing Systems for Optimal Operations

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2008) - Tidal Software, a leading provider of application scheduling and performance management software, today announced that Adaptis, a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to health payers, is deploying Tidal™ Enterprise Scheduler as part of its plan to achieve the highest degree of efficiency across its production environments. Adaptis will use Tidal's job scheduler to simplify and centralize the management of the complex job processing schedules required for its production operations.

Adaptis is experiencing rapid growth as more health payers turn to the company for a full range of outsourced services, the cornerstone of which is their comprehensive claims management service. Adaptis is recognized not only for their excellent services, but also for their use of standardized claim processing applications, making them a clear choice based on cost, quality, and investment protection.

The challenges of growth required Adaptis to find a solution that could centralize, streamline, and automate job scheduling in order to increase efficiency, maintaining cost effective operations as they scale and ensuring that their service levels are consistently met. Tidal's solution is providing a way for Adaptis' IT to achieve these goals while keeping pace with rapid growth.

"Our previous solution was not easily scalable," said Michael Dingerson, Director of Product Test & CM. "We had a number of scripted and internally produced applications to automate our production functions, but that solution required a great deal of operator intervention. We needed a unified binding system that could schedule jobs across the production environment -- one that could juxtapose activities as resources became free and would provide sufficient monitoring of activities to track progress. We chose Tidal to help us balance the consumption of resources across our systems, to be able to schedule jobs more tightly for minimal lag times with far less manual intervention."

Adaptis faces challenges similar to many other companies today as the size and scope of their data increases, putting more and more pressure on their processing systems. Dingerson explains, "Our production processing takes longer and longer as more and more data is added to our systems. In one case the database has increased 27 times since it was brought into production. The result is that the service window -- the time when all our customers have gone home and we can do our processing -- is becoming fairly crowded. The scheduler will give us the ability to recapture time, allowing us to get more out of the service window."

Tidal's job scheduler drives efficiency by centralizing control to one point of management. By applying a single enterprise job scheduling solution, Adaptis can closely monitor all steps of each client's processing to automatically detect problems and recover quickly. Also, Adaptis can deploy just a small team of scheduling experts to manage schedules for hundreds of clients, enabling the production operation to grow with the business without needing to grow the IT operations staff.

"Our estimates are that, with current growth, this will reduce our incremental head-count requirements for operations by greater than five times over the next two years," said Dingerson.

Adaptis also needed a solution that could grow not only in scale, but in its ability to reach across its systems. "We wanted a system that could grow over time. As we grow we will be able to add more to the system and automate more operations across our Windows and Linux environments. But we also wanted a solution that was very extensible. For example, things like the Informatica adapter are valuable to us as we look to the future."

"Deploying a single enterprise scheduling solution is a proven method for business process outsourcers to contain costs, increase efficiency, and position their operations to take on new business growth through better automation of IT operations," said Wayne Greene, senior director of product management for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. "Leveraging an advanced, distributed job scheduler can have significant impact now through improved levels of service and greater operational efficiency. But just as importantly, the investment can deliver even greater long term returns through optimized use of computing resources, delaying or eliminating the need for additional servers, and greater integration across systems through extensible solutions that can extend the reach of automation across the enterprise."

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