January 16, 2008 08:00 ET

Adapx Gives Organizations the Power to Digitize Maps and Geospatial Data With Simple Digital Pen and Paper Software Solution

Enterprises and Government Entities Can Now Update Geodatabases With Effortless Pen Strokes Using Capturx™ Built for ArcGIS Desktop

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - January 16, 2008) - Adapx (, the company that is changing the economics of field data management, today introduces Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop, a fully integrated GIS software solution that digitally enables field mapping with a digital pen and standard paper. The Capturx software platform allows users to seamlessly upload field annotations from paper maps directly into ESRI's ArcGIS software without any manual data entry, making handwritten GIS information instantly available in a digital format and ready to share with colleagues. Field teams no longer have to complete the tedious task of transcription and since data is shared more frequently and at a faster pace, companies benefit from a more effective use of time and resources as well as a significant return on investment.

"It is a universal practice for engineers, construction workers, and anyone who uses maps for that matter, to collaboratively markup paper maps while out in the field," said Jack Dangermond, president and CEO at ESRI. "However, once back in the office, it's often difficult to decipher scribbles, or maps may be folded and crumpled, leading to errors in electronic transcriptions. Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop solves this problem and raises the standard for digital pen and paper technology by improving customers' proven field workflow and allowing feature class data to be modified and manipulated at any time."

Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop: Update Your Geodatabase with a Stroke of a Pen

Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop makes it easy to collect data in the field by using pen and paper to create features and annotations in the ArcGIS Geodatabase. Users simply print any ArcGIS map and legend on standard paper and then make changes and annotations to the map in ArcGIS by simply writing on the printed map. Once the pen is connected to the computer, the user can review the field markup and immediately add the collected features to the ArcMap Geodatabase.

"Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop is potentially a real time-saving tool that we'll use as we map critical area conditions," said Jake Jacobson, watershed steward at Snohomish County's Surface Water Management. "In addition, there's potential for its use in updating our drainage inventory and as a tool for helping us improve conditions at restoration sites."

Ian Allen, P.GEO, spatial data systems coordinator, information management and technology at Barrick Gold adds, "We're currently testing Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop and are extremely excited about what the solution may contribute to our operations."

There are three core components of Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop solution:

The Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop software platform - Only Capturx offers a software platform that interprets information back and forth from the field to computer. After paper maps have been marked up, the software platform translates the digital ink captured in Penx as Geodatabase features available in ArcGIS Desktop.

The Penx digital pen - Penx, the field-ready digital pen, writes on paper with regular ink and simultaneously records pen strokes as digital ink. The durable construction is designed to go in even the harshest climates and conditions and ranks higher in convenience by users than rugged PCs and tablets. Penx is designed for the way people work, with virtually no training required.

Digital paper - Any standard paper up to A2 (16.5 x 23.4) can be used to print the ArcMap-designed map. Most color, high-resolution and PostScript Level 2 printers can imprint the special digital pen-enabling pattern of dots recognized by Penx.

Pricing and Availability

A 5-user kit of Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop is available today at and the total cost of ownership for each user is approximately $1,800. Volume discounts are also available from any ESRI value-added reseller or by calling Adapx directly at 206-428-0800.

Capturx built for ArcGIS Desktop can be used with any version of ArcGIS, including ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo, and is compatible with personal and enterprise geodatabases, such as ArcSDE.

About ESRI

Founded in 1969, ESRI ( is the world leader in the GIS software industry. ESRI offers innovative solutions that help users create, manage, analyze, and display information to make timely decisions and solve problems they encounter every day. ESRI's comprehensive product line ranges from desktop GIS to GIS for the enterprise.

About Adapx

Adapx is changing the economics of field data management with its enterprise-ready digital pen and paper software platform for the GIS, Geospatial, CAD, and forms markets. Designed to help both field workers and business executives, Capturx allows organizations to capture actionable intelligence from any extreme environment and make real-time decisions in and outside the office. Leading enterprises and government agencies rely on Adapx to derive value from every field-based interaction to increase operational efficiencies and competitive advantage. The company is privately-held and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information, please visit

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