July 12, 2010 11:09 ET

Adapx Introduces New Capturx GIS Data Collection Solutions for GeoPDF, ESRI MapIt, and Mobile Devices at ESRI User Conference

Handwritten Data on Paper Maps and Forms Instantly Scanned and Sent to ArcGIS, GeoPDF Files, and ESRI MapIt-Enabled SharePoint Lists Using Digital Pens, Bluetooth and Mobile Devices

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -  Adapx, the company that is changing the way mobile teams collect data and collaborate, today announced new Capturx GIS solutions enabling field teams to instantly send georeferenced data collected on paper forms and maps into ArcGIS, GeoPDF files, and ESRI MapIt-enabled SharePoint lists using digital pens, Bluetooth, and mobile devices. The new solutions, along with Capturx for ArcGIS and Capturx Multimodal for ArcGIS, will be featured in the Defense and Intelligence Showcase at the ESRI 2010 User Conference in San Diego on 12-15 July.

"Large amounts of geospatial data collected on paper maps and forms languish in the field waiting for data entry and scanning," said Ken Schneider, CEO of Adapx. "We're excited to provide instant access to that data through mobile devices which can now integrate geospatial data into ArcGIS, GeoPDF files, SharePoint, ArcGIS Online, and Bing Maps."

Capturx Markup for PDF with support for GeoPDF

Capturx Markup for PDF enables teams to print and mark up any GeoPDF file using Capturx software and digital pens. Markups are automatically georeferenced and integrated back into the original GeoPDF files along with date, time, and author stamps. The markups can be easily exported through KML for use with ESRI applications, such as ArcGIS Explorer, Google Maps, and Bing Maps.

A brief online video is available at 

Capturx for SharePoint with support for ESRI MapIt

The integration between Capturx for SharePoint and ESRI MapIt enables teams to collect georeferenced data on paper forms which can be automatically overlaid on ArcGIS Online Maps and Bing Maps. The data on forms is scanned as it is written using the digital pen. Capturx for SharePoint preserves the original handwriting, creates a data-table view with converted text in SharePoint lists, and creates rich image files. MapIt enables teams to use any geocoded field in the SharePoint list -- whether GPS coordinates, addresses, or zip codes -- to create a map overlay point. Clicking the point on the map opens up the form with access to original handwriting, converted data, and date, time, and author stamps.

A datasheet is available at

Capturx Mobile for ArcGIS instantly sends handwritten field data via Mobile Devices 

Capturx Mobile software enables teams to instantly send data collected with digital pens and paper maps through leading mobile devices using Bluetooth. Comments and shapes written on maps are sent through devices using Capturx software, which automatically creates and integrates annotations, points, lines, and polygons into ArcGIS.

A datasheet is available at:

In addition to these new products, attendees will also see demonstrations of Capturx Multimodal ArcGIS, which is currently in use by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Capturx Multimodal ArcGIS enables commanders to quickly and accurately add critical data to ArcGIS as point, line, and polygon features interpreted from their voice and symbol sketches on white boards or laptops.

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Adapx is changing the way mobile teams collect data and collaborate with Capturx™ software for digital pens. A broad range of industries and agencies use Capturx products as natural interfaces into Microsoft Office, GIS, PDF files, and SharePoint through digital pens and voice. Mobile teams can immediately collect and access data in native file formats and systems without the delay and cost of transcribing paper or deploying mobile computers. Adapx has strategic partnerships with Microsoft, ESRI, Lockheed Martin, In-Q-Tel, and works with standard digital pen technology from Anoto. For more information, please visit or follow Adapx on Twitter at

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