June 18, 2013 08:00 ET

Adapx Invited to Speak at the AUSA ILW Mission Command Symposium

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2013) - Adapx announced that its Vice President of DoD and Federal Solutions, Scott Lind, is speaking at the AUSA ILW Mission Command Symposium today in Kansas City at 3:20PM. Lind will address how to implement mission command across the Army with the recommendation that current user interfaces advance to be speech and sketch centric and doctrinally-based. 

"The speech and sketch user interfaces from Adapx are game changers for training, mission planning, simulations, logistics, and health care," said General Peter W. Chiarelli (Ret).

Mission command and simulation systems are too hard to use -- impeding their effectiveness. With Adapx's Speech & Sketch User Interface, system specific training is eliminated enabling trained soldiers to now use doctrine to interact with Army systems.

Speech & Sketch enables soldiers to create standard military symbols and plans in existing Army systems by simply speaking commands or sketching on Android tablets, handhelds, vehicle displays, and wall displays. The interface automatically fuses the two actions and completes all of the system-related menu and keyboard tasks once required of the soldier. As a result, the spoken jargon and sketches become digital courses of action and MIL-STD-2525b/c/d symbols fully integrated into CPOF, Google Earth, TIGR, JCR, and JBC-P systems.

Five separate divisions have given the interface very high approval ratings: 3 during Army TCM sponsored User Juries at Fort Campbell, Fort Carson, and Fort Bragg, another at the Army's Network Integration Exercise as well as during an independent review from soldiers in the 7th Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Learn more online and view video demos here:

About Scott Lind, USA (LTC, ret):
Scott was commissioned as an Engineer Officer for the U.S. Army, some of his duty assignments included: 193rd INF Bde Panama (platoon and company command); 6th ID Alaska (Assistant Division Engineer, Company Commander); TF Observer Controller, JRTC Ft Chaffee AR and Project Warrior (OC/TRADOC doctrine writer/instructor, Maneuver Support Center); 10th Mountain Division (ADE, Battalion XO), Bosnia; Senior Observer Controller JRTC Fort Polk, 196th INF BDE HI (Deputy Brigade Cdr); 555 Engineer Brigade Fort Lewis (Deputy Brigade Cdr) and Iraq under General Ordierno (4th ID in Tikrit).

About Adapx:
Adapx speeds data capture and collaboration by turning natural speech, sketch, and handwriting into actionable data in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, CRM, ERP, GIS, C2, C4ISR systems and many other backend systems. By simply speaking and writing, teams get instant access to structured data collected on paper, touchscreen devices, mobile devices and wall displays. Now a range of enterprises and agencies speed workflows and reduce risk by bypassing data transcription from paper and cumbersome keyboard- and menu-driven interfaces. Adapx has strategic relationships with Microsoft, ESRI and In-Q-Tel, and works with standard digital pen technology from Anoto. Learn More:

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