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December 12, 2011 09:00 ET

ADARA Networks Introduces Unified Dynamic Management for Data Center and Network Optimization to the Commercial Market

Commercial Sector Launch Through Tech Data Comes Amid Increased Demand From Enterprise IT for Solutions Which Improve Net Profitability

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 12, 2011) - ADARA Networks, provider of a unique product platform that enables Enterprise IT to positively impact Net Profitability for businesses of all sizes through unified data center and network optimization, has now made this revolutionary platform available to the United States commercial market through Tech Data and its channel of over 60,000 resellers.

The Information Technology Industry has long sought the ability to become more strategic and contribute more directly to business operational and financial success. IT now has the opportunity with businesses requiring reliable on-demand services with dynamic scalability. Virtualization and/or cloud computing cannot move these strategies forward alone, with many projects struggling to reach full deployment, needing greater tools to efficiently manage resources, eliminating management challenges, and fully realizing expected benefits.

Whether IT projects struggle as a result of technical, operational or financial issues, the common denominator is management complexity and congestion in the network and data center. ADARA Networks products solve existing bottlenecks and enable complete visibility and management of IT for hyper-efficiency and real-time management of any existing software, hardware, or systems. Organizations do not need to make any changes to their existing infrastructure when implementing ADARA Networks' platforms to solve core systemic issues such as LAN/WAN performance, comprehensive Dynamic Virtualization, Service Performance, QoS, and Congestion/Latency reduction/elimination. By addressing these issues with ADARA, organizations achieve:

  • Increased performance of existing infrastructure through a single integrated platform
  • Scalability on-demand and within budget
  • Availability of every network resource
  • Security through the total ability to manage and protect the network
  • Universal system and application support to maximize virtualization and cloud strategies

ADARA Networks' platform is the World's first and only solution to provide Unified Dynamic Management, a fully integrated capability to seamlessly deliver a unified platform for data center and network management, enabling all management of Information Technology through a "single pane of glass," delivering financial and operational efficiencies for enterprises across all verticals. Previously offered exclusively to the Department of Defense and supporting government agencies, ADARA Networks creates an enterprise IT environment which is self managing, operating and adjusting all systems dynamically based upon customer, data center and network usage levels, and working in a continuously optimizing manner.

The "single pane of glass" management enabled by ADARA Networks provides IT managers with complete, dynamic management and visibility into all of their systems, infrastructure and services. The ADARA platform enables seamless integration of all future and existing systems, makes the entire enterprise IT environment easily scalable, and transparently enables autonomic management of all third party infrastructure and systems from every vendor deployed throughout the enterprise.

"The results speak for themselves," said Michael H. Davis, Platform Chief Systems Engineer for the US Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) and past Information Security Technical Authority at SPAWAR. The report reads: ADARA was tasked by the Office of the Secretary Of Defense with delivering a solution for DoD; ADARA achieved a demonstrated leap forward in the State of the Art in Advanced Networking and Computing. Davis continued, "The value of ADARA is best seen through the summary of results as cited by DoD in their assessment report. The network was evaluated for the capability of simultaneously utilizing all available links of a meshed network with an ability to improve its reliability, availability and, in real-time, identify and intelligently create the most favorable conditions for mission critical traffic. This includes converged legacy and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based types of traffic. Tests were conducted to demonstrate the capabilities of the ADARA Networks implementation of multipath/virtual circuit, Quality of Service (QOS), SOA, data normalization and object routing in the Department of Defense (DoD) networking environment."

"After learning about ADARA Networks' extensive unified data management and network management capabilities, we were excited to add these solutions to our AIS offering," said Chuck Bartlett, Vice President and General Manager of Advance Infrastructure Solutions (AIS) at Tech Data. "ADARA's technology streamlines the IT process and improves profitability for end-users. Through our partnership, Tech Data and ADARA can help lower costs and increase profits for enterprises across all verticals."

"ADARA Networks is bringing the experience of solving problems in the most difficult environments in the public sector to revolutionize the commercial market. By listening to customers' needs we've been able to deliver a platform that contains the most essential and urgently needed solutions to the most widely felt pain points in the market," said Eric Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADARA Networks. "ADARA enables the true Unified Data Center and Network management which means better bottom lines, and improved operational and financial health for enterprises through alignment and empowerment of IT professionals to answer the needs of today's business. Our message to the commercial market is simple: all problems have a solution; ADARA Networks' platforms are engineered to deliver those solutions to nearly every problem in Information Technology."

About ADARA Networks:
ADARA has solidified its position as an industry visionary by empowering clients to fully leverage the potential of their networks, services and systems with timeless solutions designed to connect, enhance and facilitate interactivity that brings greater productivity. Built on a foundation of superior performance and reliability, ADARA delivers the industry's most advanced platforms for Information Technology. Secure and easily implemented, ADARA solutions enable services to communicate across multiple platforms in real time, enhancing network performance and productivity for our customers and partners, ultimately driving sales and growth. The future of networking is now.

ADARA Networks is 100% channel-based, offered through the U.S. Tech Data value-added reseller system of 60,000 resellers. For more information, please visit:

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