Adbusters Media Foundation

Adbusters Media Foundation

June 10, 2008 09:01 ET

Adbusters Issues Global Challenge to Designers

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - ONE WORLD, ONE FLAG: In an open challenge for the international design community to radically shift its priorities, Adbusters magazine has announced a competition to create a flag that embodies the ideal of global citizenship.

Dubbed the One Flag Design Competition, the project was officially launched in the most recent issue of Adbusters. The judging panel will consist of a number of prominent design and publishing professionals, including Jonathan Barnbrook, Michael Beirut, Vince Frost, Steven Heller, Kalle Lasn, Rick Poynor, and Dmitri Siegel.

Adbusters has presented the competition as a "First Things First project" a reference to the notorious '60s design manifesto that called for designers to resist the absorption of their profession by commercial interests and to re-engage with real-world issues. The magazine was also responsible for the 2000 revival of the manifesto in a number of respected design publications, a move that touched off months of high-profile debate in the industry.

Adbusters Editor-in-Chief, Kalle Lasn, explained that the One Flag competition is not so much a provocation as it is an invitation to reclaim something vital that design has lost.

"We want to dare designers to get over their cynical professionalism, to just dive right in and do something completely idealistic for once," he said. "It's really about celebrating the spirit of optimism and innovation that used to be at the heart of design."

Contest submissions will be critiqued by a panel of prominent design professionals, then featured in Adbusters and supporting design publications. The winning flag will go into production, ready for display by any individual or organization that wants to declare membership in a growing human cooperative.

Editor's notes:

(1) For the submission guidelines and contest developments, visit For more information on the Adbusters Media Foundation and Adbusters magazine, visit

(2) To arrange an interview with any of the members of the judging panel, please send an email to

(3) Facts about the First Things First manifesto:

- The original First Things First Manifesto was published in 1964 by Ken Garland, and signed by over 400 graphic designers and artists-largely British-who were concerned with what they perceived to be the preoccupation of design with consumer goods and advertising.

- Adbusters led the revival of the manifesto, dubbed First Things First 2000. It was signed by a group of 33 well-known members of the international graphic design community and simultaneously published in Emigre, the AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, Eye, and Items. It was subsequently reprinted in English and in translation in a number of other publications.

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