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Adbusters Media Foundation

November 24, 2009 09:00 ET

Adbusters Media Foundation: Buy Nothing Day Morphs Into a Wildcat General Strike on the Eve of the Copenhagen Climate Summit

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 24, 2009) - Over the last few years – as people grow increasingly anxious about rising sea levels, melting glaciers and the possibility of a catastrophic tipping point on climate change – Buy Nothing Day has exploded into a global movement, inspiring the world's citizens to live more simply and buy a whole lot less.

Designed to coincide with Black Friday in the United States (which falls on November 27 this year) and the unofficial start of the international holiday shopping season (Saturday, November 28), the festival takes many forms – from personal one-day fasts to relaxed family outings and from free, noncommercial street parties to politically charged public protests, credit card cut-ups, mall invasions and pranks and shenanigans of all kinds. Anyone can take part, provided they spend 24 hours without shopping.

"There's only one way to avoid the collapse of this human experiment of ours on Planet Earth," says Kalle Lasn, the co-founder of Adbusters Media Foundation, "we have to consume less ... Our culture of excess and meaningless consumption – the glorified spending and borrowing of the past decade – is at the root of the ecological and economic crises we now find ourselves in."

This year Buy Nothing Day organizers around the world are confronting the issue of meaningless consumption head on. In addition to the usual personal plunges and celebrations, we're calling for a WILDCAT GENERAL STRIKE: a worldwide rejection of the value system that is killing our planet. As global leaders gear up for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on December 7, we're asking tens of millions of people around the world to bring the capitalist consumption machine to a grinding – if only momentary – halt.

"We hope to set off a chain reaction of refusal against consumer capitalism," says Lasn, "while sending a message to Barack Obama, Wen Jiabao and the other world leaders that failure in Copenhagen is not an option ... We want legally binding limits on carbon emissions now!"

To find out what BND organizers are up to all over the world and to get involved, visit

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