SOURCE: ADCapital Industries

March 03, 2006 08:30 ET

ADCapital Industries 4th Generation Device the Auto Emission Post Regulator Is Completed!!

BURNABY, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 3, 2006 -- The much anticipated improvements are unveiled this Feb. 20th, 2006! Already having 97% reduction in the technological aspect of ADCapital (OTC: ADCS) device, the actual design has now been tweaked for several vital reasons; as follows, There is now better manufacturing capability, There is a considerable cost reduction for production, and the doors are now wide open for future cartridge designs, even considering using alternative materials.

Mr. Tom Tary (co-inventor) has made 5 significant design changes to accommodate a better manufacturing capability and to reduce the cost of manufacturing. He has also overcome the shape difficulties for an easier installation for a larger number of makes and models of vehicles. Excitingly the device is not limited to the size and construction of the existing muffler unit systems or the make, model or size of the vehicle. Basically if any vehicle is polluting the NOx toxin we can now deal with it to near perfect standards!! Here are Mr. Tom Tary's 4th Generation Design Changes...

1. The mufflers cartridge now has gas entry and gas exit on the same side!

2. The gas cup links (or seals) have been improved requiring less force and producing a better alignment!

3. The latch mechanism holding the cartridge (the hold and release) of the cartridge is much more user friendly, improving the installation and removal processes!

4. The ultra violet source is now smaller providing a lower cost for manufacturing and more contact for the ionization source is now being utilized!

5. There is now improved thermal management allowing greater control of the temperature of the cartridge!

In short, these design changes are extremely welcomed for cheaper and simpler manufacturing of the AEPR! Keep posted for more features yet to be unveiled. New features are soon to be released!

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