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September 22, 2010 08:30 ET

Adchemy Launches Search Engine Marketing Solution to Scale Relevance of Massive Paid Search Campaigns

Adchemy WordMap Application to Power Industry-Specific WordMaps for Digital Advertisers

FOSTER CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 22, 2010) -  Adchemy today announced that its Adchemy WordMap application, the first SaaS software solution to extract underlying intentions from keyword search terms, is available for purchase. The Adchemy WordMap application automatically tailors marketing messages in paid search ads based on the solution's interpretation of the intent of each consumer online search.

The intelligence built into the Adchemy WordMap application will allow marketers and search engine marketing (SEM) agencies to dramatically improve the performance of their paid search campaigns. 

Additionally, Accenture Interactive, a business within Accenture that offers services that cover all aspects of digital consulting, marketing analytics and media management, is teaming with Adchemy to develop industry-specific WordMaps for the telecommunications, insurance, consumer banking, retail and consumer packaged goods sectors. Accenture Interactive, which formed a global alliance with Adchemy in 2009 to help large companies and their agency partners build more effective digital experiences with their customers, will leverage Accenture's breadth of global industry experience and its own digital technology skills to tailor the product and implement it for clients. 

Prior to the development of Adchemy WordMap technology, increasing the relevance of each paid search ad and landing page used in massive paid search campaigns required a labor-intensive, manual effort that often hindered the ability of companies to provide relevant responses at scale across thousands or millions of keywords. Consequently, most paid search experiences were irrelevant for consumers. Adchemy WordMap makes it more efficient for companies to provide relevant responses at scale.

The Adchemy WordMap application supports a number of capabilities to improve relevance at scale, including keyword expansion, creating tightly themed ad groups, generating highly relevant ad copy, and delivering highly relevant landing pages. By using Adchemy technology, marketers can help create a better experience for each potential customer, improve online marketing campaign conversion rates, optimize keyword bidding and grow paid search campaigns.

A number of Fortune 100 companies that were early adopters of Adchemy WordMap report that the use of this product has already improved the relevance of their paid search advertising and increased the online conversion of searchers to buyers by up to 400 percent. 

"Efficiently providing relevance at scale is the most difficult challenge in paid search. This problem has never been addressed through technology by current solutions in the market," said Anurag Wadehra, senior vice president of product and marketing at Adchemy. "Adchemy WordMap automates the process of satisfying every single variation of customer intent. It is a fundamental shift in search marketing and can dramatically improve the relevance and performance of the vast majority of paid search campaigns."

Adchemy's WordMap technology automatically groups keywords based on the similarity of the intent. It can also create ad copy for each word group, generating tens of thousands of ads that are directly related to the underlying intent of the keywords in the group. Furthermore, marketers can customize a landing page for each intent. The automatic synchronization and customization from keyword generation all the way to the landing page helps the marketer to satisfy the unique needs of millions of customers. 

"Accenture Interactive is pleased to continue working with Adchemy to bring new smart solutions, such as the Adchemy WordMap application, to our clients who are grappling with new and better ways to use the Internet to drive sales," said Tim Breene, senior managing director of Strategic Initiatives at Accenture and chief executive of Accenture Interactive. "Relevance is key if marketers are to deliver the personalized approaches that today's customers require, and the capture of online search intentions will help marketers achieve that goal."

As part of Adchemy's partners program, Adchemy is also actively partnering with SEM agencies to build WordMaps for their clients using the Adchemy WordMap application. SEM agencies and professional services organizations can easily use the Adchemy WordMap application as a source of differentiation and value-added services, while also driving down the cost to serve clients. Additionally, the Adchemy WordMap application is complementary to commercial bid management systems. 

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Adchemy is a leading digital marketing technology company that enables interactive marketers and their agencies to compose, deliver and optimize highly relevant advertising experiences on a massive scale. The Adchemy Audience Management platform utilizes cross channel data from the advertiser together with online and offline third-party sources to create unique highly targeted audience segments. This rich visitor context also allows Adchemy to serve dynamic ads, offers and landing pages, which maximize conversion rates, and minimize wasted ad spending. Together Accenture and Adchemy offer an enterprise-scale technology platform combined with best-practice methodologies and a range of digital consulting services. Adchemy is the only marketing technology company that is also a Top 25 online advertiser, via the Adchemy Actions performance marketing group. Adchemy's more than 300 customers include:, Nationwide Insurance, Protection One, TransUnion Interactive, and University of Phoenix.

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