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11th Annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Super Bowl

January 31, 2011 10:32 ET

"Add Some 'Pop' to Your Big Game Celebration"

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Highlighted by Fans' Clever Uses for Their Football Festivities

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ--(Marketwire - January 31, 2011) - Each day, fans all over the world submit unique and creative uses for Bubble Wrap®, the iconic brand best known for protecting products and providing fun and stress relief to millions of people. With the biggest game in professional football just six days away, the brand has been bombarded with clever ideas of how to use the "pop"ular product to spice up their celebrations.

To mark the 11th Annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day, Sealed Air Corporation, the makers of Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, is helping fans everywhere give their upcoming big game celebration a little extra "pop" with a touchdown's worth of creative uses submitted by its dedicated fan base. The brand is even kicking in a bonus use for the extra point.

"The fans of our hallmark brand, Bubble Wrap®, are so creative and enthusiastic about Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day and we wanted to make sure that the great ideas they have for Bubble Wrap® don't go un-recognized," said William V. Hickey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sealed Air.

After sifting through hundreds of ideas from thousands of fans all over the world at the Sealed Air headquarters in Elmwood Park, N.J., the Professor of Popology is excited to highlight these seven uses of Bubble Wrap for the big game:

  • Bubble Wrap® Football
    • The Bubble Wrap® football provides hours of in-door pseudo-pigskin passing pleasure while safely protecting your 50" flat screen. 
  • Celebration Mat
    • A layer of Bubble Wrap® under your feet might just make you the most "pop"ular fan at your celebration.
  • Cold Beer-Soda Cozy
    • Question: who likes warm beer? Answer: No one. That's why a Bubble Wrap® beer/soda cozy is a must have for the big game!
  • Bubble Wrap® Pom Poms
    • Do your best Ra-Ra Bubble Wrap®-style with Pom Poms that don't just shake but also pop!
  • Helmet/Shoulder Pads
    • Bubble Wrap® helmet and shoulder pads that will keep you protected from everything except the occasional taunt of opposing fans. 
  • Bubble Wrap® Placemats
    • A Bubble Wrap® placemat makes quick work of clean up and also provides you some much needed stress release during the occasional fourth and inches.
  • Seat Cushion
    • Seating can become a premium on the night of the big game. When you are condemned to the hardwood floor, having a supply of Bubble Wrap® Cushioning will make for a comfortable game. 

Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the last Monday in January.

Despite the attempts of imitators, there is only one Bubble Wrap®; a product which has transcended its intended use of protecting valuables to become a "pop" culture phenomenon. Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning is most recognized for the satisfying release and gleeful joy that comes with the popping of each plastic cell.

The invention of Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning led to the founding of Sealed Air, a Fortune 500 Company that owns the registered trademark, in 1960. Today, Sealed Air operates in 51 countries and each year the company makes enough Bubble Wrap® to stretch to the moon and back.

The originally intended use for Bubble Wrap® was entirely different than how it is used today. Inventors Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding originally developed a plastic they hoped to market as textured wallpaper. When that idea did not take off, the inventors began to have some success marketing the product as a greenhouse insulator.

Chavannes then realized that Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning could be used as an improvement from paper and old newspapers for cushioning fragile items. Once the opportunity was identified, the inventors worked hard on the manufacturing process for Bubble Wrap® cushioning in an effort to create an ideal packaging material. After a lot of tinkering, they developed a special, proprietary barrier protection which prevented air from leaking and resulted in the crisp "Pop" that Bubble Wrap® is famous for.

The brand enjoys the reputation of a pop-culture phenomenon today. Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning has more than two million likes on Facebook and has inspired users to come up with hundreds of different uses. Beyond its "pop" appeal, Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning has also helped spur the growth of parent company Sealed Air Corporation, which today operates in 51 countries and has annual revenue in excess of $4 billion. For more poppin' fun information, visit

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