SOURCE: ADDAC (Association pour le Développement Durable dans l'Aviation Civile)

July 25, 2007 12:00 ET

ADDAC Endorses WheelTug® for A320s

PARIS--(Marketwire - July 25, 2007) - At a June 2007 meeting in London, ADDAC and WheelTug plc agreed to form an alliance to promote the development and certification of the WheelTug® system for the Airbus 320 family and seek the cooperation of a European airline A320 operator.

ADDAC (Association pour le Développement Durable dans l'Aviation Civile) is an association whose aim is to promote sustainable development in the world of civil aviation. Its members include engineers, pilots, flight attendants, air-traffic controllers, mechanics and airport ground staff.

WheelTug is a revolutionary new system under development that will enable pilots to back away from gates without a tow tug, and taxi to and from takeoff and landing points without using jet engines. This new propulsion system uses twin special high-torque AC Chorus® electric motors, located in the nosewheel assembly. In June 2005 tests with Boeing, a prototype demonstrated the efficiency and potential of the system by moving a fully-loaded Air Canada Boeing 767 in a series of manoeuvres similar to those performed by commercial airliners.

Among the benefits of the WheelTug system are:

--  Reduced fuel consumption
--  Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
--  Reduced noise on aprons and taxiways
--  To give pilots total control over their plane from gate to gate, free
    from the dependence on tow tractors and tugs
--  No airport tug accidents
--  Lower operating cost

A new step has been reached towards mass production. WheelTug and Delta Air Lines recently entered into an agreement in which the airline will assist WheelTug in the development and certification of the system for the Boeing 737NG family.

The system may have application to business jets and even helicopters.

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