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November 12, 2012 05:01 ET

Addendum to Notice of Annual General Meeting

                                                AVATION PLC
              (incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 5872328)
                               Addendum to Notice of Annual General Meeting
Notice is hereby given in respect of the business proposed at the seventh Annual General Meeting of Avation
PLC  (the  Company) will be held at 510 Thomson Road, #12-04 SLF Building, Singapore 298135 on  3  December
2012  at 5.00 pm (Singapore Time) (the AGM), notice of which was given on 1 November 2012 (the AGM Notice).
The  Directors wish to propose the additional two ordinary resolutions set out below as well as the  change
set out below to Resolution 6 of the AGM Notice.

Whether or not you propose to attend the AGM, please complete and submit a form of proxy in accordance with
the  instructions printed on the enclosed form which incorporates the additional proposed resolutions  into
the  form of proxy. The form of proxy must be received no later than 6:00 pm (UK time) on 30 November 2012.
The  return of a form of proxy will not preclude a member from attending, speaking or voting in  person  at
the AGM should they so wish.

Explanatory notes in respect of the resolutions are provided on the reverse of this document.


Additional Resolution 1 - Final Dividend

That the directors' recommendation to declare a final dividend of 1.05 pence (GBP£0.01) per issued share in
the  capital of the Company, to be paid out of the profits of the Company for the financial year  ended  30
June  2012,  be approved and accordingly declared and that such dividend be paid on 22 February  2013  (the
Payment  Date)  to  the shareholders whose names appear in the register of members of  the  Company  on  25
January 2013 (the Associated Record Date) with an ex-dividend date on 23 January 2013.

Additional Resolution 2 - Re-election of Roderick Douglas Mahoney as a Director

That  Roderick Douglas Mahoney who retires pursuant to Article 114 of the Company's Articles of Association
(Appointments by the Board) be re-elected as a director of the Company.

Amendment to Resolution 6 - Authority to Grant Warrants and Allot Shares Pursuant to Exercise of Warrants

That  Resolution 6 of the AGM Notice be amended by reducing the number of Warrants to Subscribe for  Shares
to be granted to Bryant James Mclarty from 200,000 to 50,000.

By order of the Board

Duncan Scott
Company Secretary

12 November 2012

Additional Resolution 2 - Re-election of Roderick Douglas Mahoney as a Director

Roderick  Douglas  Mahoney was appointed as a director of the Company by the Board  on  13  December  2011.
Accordingly  he  can  stand  for  re-election at the next following AGM of the  Company  or  otherwise  his
appointment  would  terminate at the following of the next AGM pursuant to Article  114  of  the  Company's
Articles of Association.

Mr  Mahoney was a fleet planning and aircraft procurement consultant to the Company and has previously been
a project advisor to a variety of Asia-Pacific airlines, suppliers and other aviation businesses, including
Virgin  Blue  and V Australia.  Before that, he held various senior executive positions at  Airbus  for  23
years,  largely within the sales divisions covering Europe and Africa, China and the Pacific.  He  holds  a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering (BSc. Hons), a Masters in Air Transport (MSc) and  a
Masters  of  Applied  Finance  (MAppFin).  Mr Mahoney holds dual citizenship  of  the  United  Kingdom  and
Australia and resides in Singapore.  Mr Mahoney is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company

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