Addictive Mobility

Addictive Mobility

November 24, 2014 09:30 ET

Addictive Mobility Partners with comScore to Bring Deeper Insights to the Canadian Mobile Advertising Landscape

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 24, 2014) - Addictive Mobility, Canada's leading in-app mobile DSP, announced today that it has partnered with comScore, Inc., a global leader in measuring the digital world, as a Canadian mobile ad tech partner for validated Campaign Essentials™ Mobile (vCE® Mobile), comScore's campaign measurement solution for demographic delivery insights across smartphones and tablets. Addictive Mobility has been named a Mobile Authorized Tagging Partner, through comScore's program, to expand the measureable reach of mobile advertising to include ads delivered in applications as well as browsers. Through its Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners program, comScore enables accurate and holistic measurement of mobile campaign performance.

"Ensuring accurate and holistic measurement of mobile campaigns requires the ability to measure ad delivery on both mobile browsers and applications," said Anne Hunter, SVP of Global Marketing Strategy at comScore. "But measuring delivery in-app is more complex than mobile browsers, requiring unique techniques. As we seek to deliver increasingly reliable and granular measurement to media buyers, comScore has partnered with today's leading mobile media companies to authorize them for mobile campaign measurement in-app using vCE Mobile. With the help of our Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners, comScore expects to provide media buyers with the data quality needed for greater confidence and better decisions in mobile media buying, which will ultimately help the mobile ad ecosystem reach its full potential."

"Our partnership with comScore comes at an opportune time as brands and agencies continue to demand more insight into their mobile advertising spend. By teaming up with comScore, we are able to validate our demographic in-app targeting methodologies and provide the transparency requested by our clients. This initiative should move the needle when it comes to increasing ad spend on mobile," explained Naveed Ahmad, CEO, Addictive Mobility.

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