June 26, 2008 01:08 ET

Adding 'Sound' to Your Marketing Toolbox

Audio Marketing Proving to Be Just as Effective as Its Visual Brethren

CHARLESTOWN, ST. KITTS-NEVIS--(Marketwire - June 26, 2008) - Since the advent of 'video' as a new marketing medium, it's been pretty clear that the next evolutionary step might be video's close cousin: audio. After all, it's the "A" in "A/V" -- as we remember from our high school days.

Fortunately, this natural evolution gives online marketers another 'viral' tool they can add to their strategic arsenals. Of course, creating and using videos to spread and share your service, product or yourself is a worthwhile venture but audio-sharing is proving to be just as effective.

"Sound bites can be just as sticky and viral as videos," says Mike Mitchell, Creative Director for "Audio is now another weapon for getting visitors to come to your site, stay longer and spread the word," he adds.

To illustrate the effectiveness of audio marketing, Mitchell notes the traditional usage of soundboards by movies and television shows. "They've been using audio and soundboards for years to promote their wares and to great effect. We're trying to expand it to everyone with our application."

He also points to the phenomenal growth of his own site which spent over a year in BETA yet delivered over 16 million sound bites in April alone -- up from 9 million in November and 50,000 in its first month of inception.

"We have not marketed the site in any way -- it's all organic growth via bloggers and social networks," he continues. Early adapters have been radio stations/podcasts, production studios, gamers, voice talent and personal users.

In fact, is the first resource of its kind -- an audio-sharing community that offers members all the tools they need to create, customize, manage and share their own Flash soundboards. Members can embed the soundboard player on their site, blog or profile and manage/update it from their account dashboard.

"Before, you had to know design, Flash and HTML to add standardized audio to your site," adds Mitchell. "We give you everything, including audio clips if you need them," he laughs, referring to the popular Board Share program which allows members to share tracks with other members -- who can then add it to their own soundboard.

Mitchell advises all businesses to find the 'audio' in their product or service or industry and share it with their visitors and fans. "From automotive to politics to travel -- there isn't an industry that can't utilize audio effectively in their online marketing campaign. That's the main thing we've learned to date." is the Internet's largest library of sound bites and categorized soundboards. Visit for more details.

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