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July 25, 2016 05:00 ET

Address Our Mess Helping Overcome Disposophobia

Providing Hands-on Services to Help Disposophobia Sufferers (AKA Hoarders)

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwired - July 25, 2016) - Disposophobia, commonly known as the "Hoarding Condition," affects many people nationwide. Disposophobia is "the fear of losing things or an intense fear of getting rid of stuff." Individuals who suffer from disposophobia may struggle to part with items which results in an over accumulation of objects. When objects continue to accumulate, problems may develop from physical dangers to psychological impacts. Address Our Mess is helping those who suffer from disposophobia to overcome their fears.

Some people may find it difficult to part with possessions because they may fear the absence of such items. They may fear that they may need these objects someday but won't have them at the time or simply be upset by the prospect of parting with items of which they have a strong attachment to, regardless of the value of the item. Address Our Mess understands such fear and wants to alleviate it. Fear should not consume our clients, and we are offering help our clients overcome their clutter and overcome their disposophobia.

Address Our Mess provides an on-site case manager for every project to help the individual who is hoarding. Our case-managers are trained, experienced professionals who are able to make the process easier for those who are afraid to part with their items. Oftentimes when the individual is attempting to sort through his/her items along he/she may find it difficult to remove items. If friends or family members are helping, fights and arguments may erupt because each person knows each other and knows how to set each other off. The Address Our Mess case manager stands in as an unbiased 3rd party who is looking for the best interest of the client. No one should fear parting with possessions because Address Our Mess is working side-by-side with our clients to prioritize and rationalize items, allowing for objects to be removed with less fear.

In addition to personally working with our clients to help overcome their fears, Address Our Mess is also trying to develop relationships with therapists who specialize in hoarding in order to help clients find suitable psychological help for disposophobia. A list of "Hoarding Therapists" throughout Address Our Mess service locations is continuously being developed, as Address Our Mess searches for qualified mental health professionals to add. This makes it easier for hoarding clients to find the psychological help they desire and better overcome their disposophobia.

Disposophobia affects many people nationwide. This fear of disposing possessions results in items continuing to accumulate and impeding upon different aspects of people's lives. This fear can set people back and put lives at risk, so Address Our Mess is seeking to erase that fear by offering compassionate, discrete services to disposophobia sufferers.

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